Evergestis frumentalis (Linnaeus, 1761)

Alipanah, Helen, Khodadad, Masoumeh, Rajaei, Hossein & Haseli, Mohammad, 2018, Taxonomic study of the genus Evergestis Hübner, 1825 (Lepidoptera: Crambidae: Glaphyriinae) in Iran with description of a new species, Zootaxa 4420 (1), pp. 1-33: 19-20

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Evergestis frumentalis (Linnaeus, 1761)


Evergestis frumentalis (Linnaeus, 1761) 

Material examined. HMIMAbout HMIM: Iran, Ardebil Prov.: 1 ♀, Moghān , 3.xi.1968, Arghand leg.  ; Āzarbāijān-e Gharbi Prov. : 1 ♀, 15 km NE. Māku, 6.vi.1975, Abāi leg.  , 1 ♀, Ghara Ziāoddin, Hāj Ahmad Kandy, 1050 m, 25.v.2004,

Gilāsiān, Ghayurfar leg.; Āzarbāijān-e Sharghi Prov. : 1 ♀, Tabriz, Bāsmenj, 14.vi.1974, Damanābi leg.  , 1 ♂, Khodāāfarin, Janānlu, 360 m, 20.v.2004, Ghayurfar, Gilāsiān leg., 1 ♀ Khodāāfarin, Ozān, 377 m, 23.v.2004, Ghayurfar, Gilāsiān leg., 1 ♀, Khodāāfarin, Āsheghlu, 370 m, 22.v.2004, Gilāsiān, Ghayurfar leg., 1 ♀, Ahar, Kaleybar, 1600 m, 4.vi.1978, Hāshemi, Zairi leg.; Tehrān Prov.: 1 ♀, Evin , 22.v.1974, Anonymous leg.  ; SMNK: 1 ♂, S-Griechenland, Parnass Gebirge, Umgeb. Delphi, 600–1000 m, 10.–24.v.1980, Falkner (GS: 2066/2016, H. Rajaei); 1 ♀, NW Iran, 15 km sǒ. Maku , 1050 m, 3.vi.1975, H. G. Amsel leg. (GS: 2064/2016, H. Rajaei); LUOMUS: 1 ♂  , Hungary, Budapest, 29.vi.1974, leg. O. Heikinheimo (GS: 2050/2016, H. Rajaei)  ; 1 ♀, USSR, Novosib. Obl., Morozevo nr. A-gorodok, 13.6.1983, Exp. Mikkola, Hippa & Jalava leg. (GS: 2051/2016, H. Rajaei). 

Distribution. From Iberian Peninsula (including Portugal and S. Spain) to Sweden, Finland and towards east to central and southern parts of Europe (except Great Britain and the Netherlands) and European parts of Russia; Asia Minor, Caucasus, Altai, Central Asia, S. Russia (goater, 2005), Iran (Gorgan and Ziarat vill.) (Bienert 1869; Lederer 1871).

Remarks. Examination of the male genitalia of E. frumentalis  indicated that there were 8–14 moderate, pointed teeth on the ventral surface of gnathos ( Fig. 9F View Figure ); while according to Goater (2005), almost four very short and blunt teeth were present in this area. This species was reported from Iran (Saret; an erroneous spelling of Ziarat in Alborz Prov) by Bienert (1869) as Botys frumentalis var australis  . Most of the specimens collected in Iran have pale brown ground color except for those collected in Esfahan and Semnan Provinces which are darker. Although four subspecies for this species have been described ( Goater 2005; Nuss et al. 2003–2017), considering the intraspecific variations, validity of these subspecies is questionable. See above for more information about these intraspecific variations and the closely allied species of E. frumentalis  .


Jard� Bot�nic Marimurtra