Eviulisoma sternale

Enghoff, Henrik, 2018, A mountain of millipedes VII: The genus Eviulisoma Silvestri, 1910, in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania, and related species from other Eastern Arc Mountains. With notes on Eoseviulisoma Brole, European Journal of Taxonomy 445, pp. 1-90: 56-57

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Eviulisoma sternale


The sternale  group


Species of Eviulisoma  in which sternum 6 is deeply excavated, there is no intermediate acropodital process, the solenophore is a tightly rolled-up sheet of a tube-like appearance (with a few small processes), the mesal acropodital process is not particularly compressed, but is apically furcate and longer than the solenophore, and the rim of sternum 6 forms four lobes.

Included species:

E. sternale  sp. nov.

E. kangense  sp. nov.

E. zebra  sp. nov.

No further species can be assigned to this group based on the existing literature. VandenSpiegel & Golovatch (2014: fig. 6e) illustrated the sternum 6 excavation in E. taita VandenSpiegel & Golovatch, 2014  , and it appears that there are small lobes at the base of legs 6–7. However, in E. taita  the mesal acropodital has no apical furcation and is shorter than the solenophore.