Stictophaula Hebard, 1922

Tan, Ming Kai & Wahab, Rodzay Bin Haji Abdul, 2017, Taxonomic review of Stictophaula (Orthoptera: Phaneropterinae) with the description of one new species from Brunei Darussalam, Zootaxa 4247 (3), pp. 301-312 : 302

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Stictophaula Hebard, 1922


Genus Stictophaula Hebard, 1922

Type species: Stictophaula bakeri Hebard, 1922

Diagnosis. Medium-sized katydid, mostly green throughout when alive with dorsal part of tegmen dark brown or black. This genus is very similar in habitus to Arnobia Stål, 1876 but differs by the absence of small median emargination along the posterior margin of the dorsal plate [= disc] of pronotum; presence of a small dark basal spot on the dorsal part of female tegmen (instead of a large spot in Arnobia ); male subgenital plate 2 or 4 lobes, with 1 pair of long lateral lobes and 1 pair of shorter median lobes; and presence of unpaired sclerites of the male genitalia ( Gorochov, 1998; Gorochov & Voltshenkova, 2009).

Species richness and distributions. 26 species are currently known (including the new species and combination) from around Southeast Asia: eight from Borneo, two from southern China , three from Java, three from Malay Peninsula, three from Sumatra, four from Thailand and three from Vietnam .