Agra giesberti Erwin

Erwin, Terry L., 2002, The Beetle Family Carabidae of Costa Rica: Twenty­nine new species of Agra Fabricius 1801 (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Lebiini, Agrina), Zootaxa 119, pp. 1-68 : 19-20

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.162803

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Agra giesberti Erwin

new species

Agra giesberti Erwin , new species

( Figs. 3 a, 3 View FIGURE 3. A b, 3 c, 3 d, 3 e, 3 f)

Holotype. Female. COSTA RICA: Cartago, 15km NE Turrialba , 9 º 53 'N 83 ° 38 'W, April (E. Giesbert) ( CAS: ADP 62298).

Diagnosis. This is the only species of the buqueti species­group known from Costa Rica. Its alternating interneurs with large and small fovea provide an easy recognition attribute, as does the elongate, multisetiferous and anteriorly tubiform prothorax ( Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3. A e).

Description. Color and luster: Piceous. Head rufinistic, appendages rufotestaceous, and femora infuscated in some adults. Surface very shiny. Head ( Fig. 3 a View FIGURE 3. A ) behind eyes moderately short, markedly tapered in male, more rounded in female. Prothorax ( Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3. A e) at anterior third somewhat depressed. Elytron ( Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3. A b) with apex shallowly obliquely arcuate, sutural angle produced. Sternum VI ( Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3. A d) shallowly v­notched in both sexes. Aedeagus ( Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3. A f) markedly narrowed apically, ostium of medium length, apex subscimitariform. Stylomere 2 ( Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3. A c). Size: large, 17.8 to 21.5mm in length, 4.0 to 5.8mm in width.

Other specimens examined. Costa Rica: 2 paratypes, 1 male, 1 female, from the following Conservation Areas: Guanacaste, Tortuguero. Costa Rica, Cartago, 1 f, Turrialba , 15.0 km NE, 83 ° 38 'W, 9 ° 53 'N, April, (E. Giesbert)( CAS: ADP 62298); 1 f, Limón, Cariari, nr, Hacienda La Suerte, May, (F.T. Hovore)( FTHC: ADP 70512). I have seen additional specimens (paratypes) from Guatemala and Panamá.

Specific epithet. The specific epithet, giesberti , is the Latinized genitive form of the family name of the late Edward Giesbert, amateur Coleopterist extraordinaire, who took time from his beloved cerambycids to collect an Agra or two.

Notes. This species ranges from sea level ( Panamá) to 2000m ( Guatemala).


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