Agra quesada Erwin

Erwin, Terry L., 2002, The Beetle Family Carabidae of Costa Rica: Twenty­nine new species of Agra Fabricius 1801 (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Lebiini, Agrina), Zootaxa 119, pp. 1-68 : 31-32

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.162803

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Agra quesada Erwin

new species

Agra quesada Erwin , new species

( Figs. 10 a, 10 View FIGURE 10. A b, 10 c, 10 d, 10 e)

Holotype. Male, COSTA RICA: Guanacaste, P.N. Guanacaste, Estacíon Pitilla , 9.0 km S Santa Cecilia, 700m, 85 ° 25 ' 40 ”W 10 ° 59 ' 26 "N, LN 330200,380200, December, (C. Moraga)( INBIO : CRI 000­ 959644)

Diagnosis. Femur infuscated in basal two­thirds; elytron with sutural apex prolonged, acutely pointed ( Fig. 10 View FIGURE 10. A b).

Description. Color and luster: Piceous with rufous appendages, femur infuscated in basal two­thirds. Surface shiny. Form: Head ( Fig. 10 a View FIGURE 10. A ) moderately elongate behind eyes, rounded behind in female. Elytron with apex ( Fig. 10 View FIGURE 10. A b) markedly oblique, lateral tooth small, sutural apex prolonged, acutely pointed; interneurs of large deep foveae in regular rows. Abdominal sternum VI ( Fig. 10 View FIGURE 10. A c) shallowly U­notched in female, shallowly vnotched in male. Stylomere 2 ( Fig. 10 View FIGURE 10. A d). Aedeagus ( Fig. 10 View FIGURE 10. A e) with ostium of medium length, apex simple lobate, shaft of aedeagus with distinct swelling in basal half, markedly narrowed apically; parameres glabrous. Size: very large, 22.3 to 23.5mm in length, 4.8 to 5.8mm in width.

Other specimens examined. Costa Rica: 4 paratypes, females, from the following Conservation Area: Guanacaste, La Amistad Caribe, Arenal Tilarán. Costa Rica, Alajuela, 1 f, P.N. Volcán Tenorio, Upala, Bijagua, Albergue Heliconias, 700m, LN 422600,299100, May, (G. Rodriguez)( INBIO : INB0003074640); Guanacaste, 1 f, P.N. Guanacaste, Estacíon Pitilla , Santa Cecilia, 9.0 km S, 700m, 85 ° 25 ' 40 'W 10 ° 59 ' 26 "N, LN 330200,380200, November, (GNP Biodiversity Survey)( INBIO : CRI 001­024201), 1 f, May ­ June, (P. Rios)( INBIO : CRI 001­ 355554); Limón, 1 f, Manzanillo, RNFS Gandoca y Manzanillo, 0­10m, 9 º 35 ' 52 ”N 82 º 36 ' 21 ”W,November,(F. A.Quesada)( INBio : CRI 000­ 784200).

Specific epithet. The specific epithet, quesada , is used as a noun in apposition based on the family name of the collector of the Holotype specimen, parataxonomist, Freddy A. Quesada of San Ramón, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Notes. Adults of this species are among the largest Agra in Costa Rica.


Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense, Bairro Universitário


National Biodiversity Institute, Costa Rica