Agra notcatie Erwin

Erwin, Terry L., 2002, The Beetle Family Carabidae of Costa Rica: Twenty­nine new species of Agra Fabricius 1801 (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Lebiini, Agrina), Zootaxa 119, pp. 1-68 : 50-51

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Agra notcatie Erwin

new species

Agra notcatie Erwin , new species

( Figs. 22 a, 22 View FIGURE 22. A b, 22 c, 22 d)

Holotype. Male. COSTA RICA: Limón, Tortuguero National Park, Estacíon Cuatro Esquinas, sea level, 10 ° 34 'N 83 ° 32 'W, November, (R. Delgado)( INBio : CRI 000­ 298655).

Diagnosis. Femur concolorous. Elytron with sutural and lateral apices prolonged, spinose. Male middle not excavate nor densely setose in apical half; posterior tibia with apical excavation and dense brush. Elytral apex shallowly arcuate between lateral and apical apices. Abdominal sterna III­V with 2 bilateral patches of sparse setae.

Description. Color and luster: Somber colored beetles with pale antennae, slightly infuscated femora which contrast with the pale testaceous tibiae and tarsi.

Form: Head ( Fig. 22 a View FIGURE 22. A ) behind eyes moderately elongate, rounded in both sexes. Male middle and posterior tibiae neither excavate nor densely setose in apical half. Elytron with apex ( Fig. 22 View FIGURE 22. A b) shallowly arcuate between lateral and apical apices; interneurs a series of large deep foveae. Male with sparse and scattered setae on metasternum and sparse patches of setae on abdominal sterna II, III, V and VI, only IV with two small bilateral tufts. Sternum VI (Fig, 22 c) moderately V­notched, female shallowly V­notched. Aedeagus ( Fig. 22 View FIGURE 22. A d) with ostium moderately short, apex simple, cordiform, parameres glabrous. Size: medium, 16.3 to 18.1mm in length, 3.6 to 4.2mm in width.

Other specimens examined. Costa Rica: 7 paratypes, 2 males, 5 females from the following Conservation Area: Arenal Tilarán, Cordillera Volcanica Central, Tortuguero. I have seen one additional female from Panamá and labeled it as a paratype. Costa Rica, Alajuela, 1 f, P.N. Arenal, Laguna Arenal, East side, Tunel del ICE, 10 ° 27 ' 58 'N 84 ° 44 ' 46 "W January, (D.H. Janzen)( INBIO : CRI 000­ 111882); Cartago, 1 f, Turrialba , 3.0 km SE, CATIE , 83 ° 38 'W 9 ° 53 'N, June, (F.T. Hovore)( FTHC: ADP 70509); Heredia, 1 f, Estacíon La Selva, Puerto Viejo, 3.0 km S, 50­150m, 83 ° 59 'W 10 ° 27 'N, October, (INBIO­ OET: CRI 002­ 231750), FVK/ 19 / 16, Virola koschnyi , 1m, Puerto Viejo, 3.0 km S, Finca La Selva, 84 °01'W 10 ° 26 'N, May, (H. A. Hespenheide )( HAH: ADP 5097), 1 f, March, (H. A. Hespenheide )( HAH: ADP 62308); Limón, 1m, P.N. Tortuguero, Estacíon Cuatro Esquinas, 0m, LN 280000, 590500, November, (R. Delgado)( INBIO : CRI 000­ 298655), 1 f, P.N. Tortuguero, Tortuguero, Cerro Tortuguero, 0­120m, LN 285000, 588000, April, (J.

Solano)( INBIO : CRI 000­ 794066), 1m, Finca de E. Rojas, Sector Cerro Cocori, 150m, November, (E. Rojas)( INBIO : CRI 000­ 308104).

Specific epithet. The specific epithet, notcatie , is used as a noun in apposition based on the acronym of CATIE (see above), and in reference to the species described above, A. catie , which this is not , because of the attributes described above.

Notes. This species was collected on Virola koschnyi at La Selva Biological Station by the ALAS Project. Notcatie­subgroup stylomere 2 are similar to those of Agra castaneipes , see that web page. F. Hovore collected a female at combined “MV & UV lights” at CATIE .


National Biodiversity Institute, Costa Rica


Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense, Bairro Universitário


Tropical Agricultural Research and Training Center (CATIE)


Hoyt Arboretum