Agra julie Erwin

Erwin, Terry L., 2002, The Beetle Family Carabidae of Costa Rica: Twenty­nine new species of Agra Fabricius 1801 (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Lebiini, Agrina), Zootaxa 119, pp. 1-68 : 59-60

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.162803

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Agra julie Erwin

new species

Agra julie Erwin , new species

( Figs. 27 a, 27 View FIGURE 27. A b, 27 c)

Holotype. Female, COSTARICA: Cartago, Turrialba , 600m, 09º 53 'N 83 º 38 'W,( CAS:ADP 10007).

Diagnosis. This is the only species of Agra in Costa Rica with brassy nearly truncate elytra and moderately long pubescence on the venter of the prothorax. Head quadrate behind with a marked dimple on the occiput.

Description. Color and luster: Rufous. Elytra brassy green. Appendages rufotestaceous. Form: Head ( Fig. 27 a View FIGURE 27. A ) behind eyes short, hind angles quadrate; vertex dimpled. Pronotum and prosternum finely punctate, prothorax broad, widest at middle. Elytron with apex ( Fig. 27 View FIGURE 27. A b) slightly oblique, lateral tooth small, sutural apex rounded, not projected acutely, apical margin very slightly lobed. Metasternum of male densely pubescent; trochanter and abdominal sterna each with long scattered setae. Apex of sternum VI ( Fig. 27 View FIGURE 27. A c) angulate laterally in male, in female corner obtuse. Male legs unmodified, similar to females. Size: small, 9.0 to 11.0mm in length, 2.98 to 3.38mm in width..

Other specimens examined. Costa Rica: 4 paratypes, 3 females, 1 (very teneral) male, from the following Conservation Areas: Cordillera Volcánica Central, Osa, Pacifico Central. Costa Rica, Cartago, 1 f, Turrialba , 83 ° 38 'W 9 ° 53 'N, (O. Bryant)( CAS: ADP 10006), 1m, January, (V.M. Kirk)( UASM: ADP 21784); Puntarenas, 1 f, P.N. Manuel Antonio, Quepos, 80m, 84 °09'W 9 ° 24 'N, LS 370900, 448800, August, (G. Valera)( INBIO : CRI 001­ 318173), 1 f, Piedras Blancas, 24.0 km W, 200m, March ­ May, (P. Hanson)( UCOR: ADP 100533).

Specific epithet. The specific epithet, julie , is a used as a noun in apposition honoring Julie Parenas, past Entomology Department secretary at CAS (Depository for the Holotype of this species), who has contributed so much to the welfare of that department and its curators and staff beyond the job description.

Notes. An illustration of rufiventris­group stylomere 2 is on the Agra rufiventris web page. The available male is so teneral that dissection of the aedeagus proved impossible.


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