Chileotrecha Maury, 1987

Iuri, Hernán A., Iglesias, Mónica S. & Ojanguren Affilastro, Andrés A., 2014, A new species of Chileotrecha Maury, 1987 (Solifugae: Ammotrechidae) from Argentina with notes on the genus, Zootaxa 3827 (1), pp. -1--1: -1

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Chileotrecha Maury, 1987


Genus Chileotrecha Maury, 1987 

Revised diagnosis: Ammotrechidae  with tarsi II and III bi-segmented with 1.2.2/ 2.2 ventral spines; tarsi IV bisegmented, with pseudo segmentation on basal segment, and 2.2.2- 2 / 2.2 ventral spines. Metatarsus II and III with 1.1. 1 retrolaterodorsal and 1.1 retrolateral being intercalated: 1.(1). 1.(1). 1. Tibia II and III without dorsoapical spines. Pedipalps covered by several truncated tip setae with pore, some clubbed setae and a few very long blunt setae; with short ventral spines (shorter than the width of pedipalp); tarsus immovable or fixed. Chelicerae with three anterior teeth on fixed finger. Female chelicerae with a dorsal hump on fixer finger at level of anterior teeth. Body covered by spiniform setae.

According to our data, Chileotrecha  is closely related to Procleobis  and Sedna Muma, 1971  . Chileotrecha  differs from Procleobis  by the presence of three anterior teeth on the fixed finger instead of two. Sedna  is characterized by the presence of spatulate ctenidia on male spiracular sternites, absent in Chileotrecha  and Procleobis  .