Otostigmus (Parotostigmus) therezopolis Chamberlin, 1944

Chagas-Jr, Amazonas, 2016, A systematic appraisal of the types of ten species of Otostigmus (Parotostigmus) (Scolopendromorpha, Scolopendridae, Otostigminae), Zootaxa 4147 (1), pp. 36-58: 53-56

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Otostigmus (Parotostigmus) therezopolis Chamberlin, 1944


Otostigmus (Parotostigmus) therezopolis Chamberlin, 1944 

(Figures 38–41)

Otostigmus therezopolis Chamberlin, 1944: 183  ;

Otostigmus (Parotostigmus) therezopolis Bücherl, 1974: 118  .

Type material examined. Holotype FMNH-INS 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 434, Brazil, Rio , Fez. Claussen, 5 m N. of Therezopolis  , 5.vii.1926, 3500’ under log. Cap. Marshall Field Brazil Expedition—1926. Rec’d 29.xi.1926 (Figs 38–39). 

FIGURES 38–39. Otostigmus (P.) therezopolis  . Holotype FMNH-INS 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 434, female. 38. Habitus, (dorsal view). 39. Habitus, (ventral view). Scale bars 10 mm.

Redescription (holotype, female). Length: 50 mm from the anterior margin of the cephalic plate to the posterior margin of tergite 21. Antennae with 18 articles (right) and 19 (left), the two basal articles and the basal part of the third glabrous. Cephalic plate smooth, without sutures and depressions (almost slightly concave).

Coxosternal tooth-plates wider than long with 5+3 teeth and a strong seta in each plate (not described). Coxosternite with a transverse suture at the base of the tooth-plates, that is bifurcate laterally and a short median longitudinal suture. Forcipular trochanteroprefemoral process larger than the tooth-plates, its margin with three short denticles and the tip pointed.

Tergites smooth; tergites 7–20 with complete paramedian sutures (7 to caudad); tergites 2–6 with a very short incomplete paramedian sutures; only tergite 21 marginate, the posterior margin angular (posterior angle narrowly rounded and slightly notched at middle) ( Fig. 40View FIGURES 40 – 41).

Sternites 4–18 with short incomplete paramedian sutures; the incomplete paramedian sutures of the anterior and posterior sternites are shorter than those sternites of the midbody; sternite 21 with straight posterior margin (caudal margin slightly incurved at middle); shorter than the preceding sternite; with a shallow median longitudinal depression ( Fig. 41View FIGURES 40 – 41). Coxopleuron without spines. Pore-field covers almost all coxopleuron, only the posterior end poreless. Posterior margin of coxopleuron with a very short process (posteriorly truncate except at inner angle where it is slightly produced).

Left leg 1 with one femoral and one tibial spur; legs 2–11 with two tarsal spurs (legs 1 to 16 with two tarsal spurs); legs 12–20 with one tarsal spur, and 21 without. No digitiform appendage on ultimate legs.

Remarks. Chagas-Jr (2012) pointed out that O. therezopolis  is very similar to O. tibialis Brölemann, 1902  , but he preferred to keep both separate because the type was not examined and no illustrations of O. therezopolis  were known. The type of O. therezopolis  shares at least four characters with a female of O. caudatus  , a species of the subgenus Dactylotergitius Verhoeff, 1937, which has been revalidated (Chagas-Jr et al. 2007). The characters that both species share are number of antennal articles (18), tergites with complete paramedian sutures on tergites 7–20, sternites 4–18 with short incomplete paramedian sutures, and posterior margin of tergite 21 angular. Therefore, O. therezopolis  is hereby considered as a junior synonym of O. caudatus  .

Position of the rounđeđ - Shallow đepression at Two đepressions at One đepression in the At center - đepression in sternites center center anterior, two at center anđ three at the posterior


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Dorsal surface of the Slightly flatteneđ - Slightly flatteneđ Slightly flatteneđ Well flatteneđ - đigitiform appenđix of đorsoventrally đorsoventrally đorsoventrally đorsoventrally prefemur of ultimate legs

Tuft of hairs of the In the miđđle siđe - Without At the tip In the đorsal tip - đigitiform appenđix of of the tip

prefemur of ultimate legs

spurs on tarsus 1 of 1 to 4 1 to 9 1 to 4 1 1 2 to 11 legs














Otostigmus (Parotostigmus) therezopolis Chamberlin, 1944

Chagas-Jr, Amazonas 2016

Otostigmus therezopolis

Chamberlin 1944: 183

Otostigmus (Parotostigmus) therezopolis Bücherl, 1974 : 118

Bucherl 1974: 118