Spinoagallia freytagi , Li, Hu & Li, Zi-Zhong, 2012

Li, Hu & Li, Zi-Zhong, 2012, A new genus and species of Agalliini from China (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Megophthalminae), Zootaxa 3582, pp. 57-63: 60-62

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.214847

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Spinoagallia freytagi

sp. nov.

Spinoagallia freytagi  sp. nov.

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Length (including tegmina). 3, 4.2 – 4.4 mm; Ƥ, 4.9 mm.

Holotype description.

Head and thorax (color). Ground color dark brown. Crown yellowish, with narrow black band on middle line ( Fig. 1View FIGURES 1 – 7). Face yellowish brown. Frons with triangular black spot ( Fig. 3View FIGURES 1 – 7), antennal fossa, margins of clypellus and lateral frontal sutures black, scape and pedicel yellow, flagellum dark brown, eyes brown, ocelli light yellowish, lateral margins black. Pronotum yellowish brown with pair of large symmetrical black spots, and with broad black longitudinal band medially ( Fig. 1View FIGURES 1 – 7). Mesonotum black, lateral margins yellow posteriorly ( Fig. 1View FIGURES 1 – 7). Forewings dark brown, with slight milky spot medially, veins on corium dark brown to black, on clavus yellowish brown ( Figs 1–2View FIGURES 1 – 7). Legs yellowish, marked with dark brown.

Structural Morphology. Crown shorter in middle than next to eyes, posterior margin of crown slightly sinuated behind eyes. Mesonotum large, triangular, medial length equal to pronotum. Forewings opaque.

Male genitalia. Pygofer broad basally, caudodorsal lobe elongate, with ventrally short and digitiform lobe, and numerous macrosetae on dorsal margin; caudodorsal process long, curved ventrally, and fused to pygofer ( Fig. 8View FIGURES 8 – 16). Subgenital plates with several scattered setae ( Fig. 8View FIGURES 8 – 16). Style long, inflated medially, tapered in distal 1 / 3, with small spine apically ( Fig. 13View FIGURES 8 – 16). Connective nearly H-shaped, slender relatively, longer than broad, with posterior margin deeply excavated medially ( Figs 14–15View FIGURES 8 – 16). Aedeagus elongate in lateral aspect, shaft stout, broad basally, with pair of aliform prominences apically; gonopore circular, apical ( Figs 11–12View FIGURES 8 – 16).

Female genitalia. Same as described for the genus.

Intraspecific variation. Background generally paler in coloration within female individuals ( Figs 5–7View FIGURES 1 – 7). Black band on middle line not clear in female individuals. Female mesonotum yellow brown (black in male), with two triangular spots in lateral angles. Forewings in female yellow brown (dark brown in male), veins evenly light brown.

Type material. Holotype: 3, CHINA: Guizhou province, Suiyang county, Kuankuoshui National Natural Reserve, Chachang, 3. VI. 2010, collected by Dai Ren-Huai and Li Hu; Paratypes: 2 3, 1 Ƥ, same data as holotype.

Etymology. The species is named in honour of Dr. Paul H. Freytag for his assistance to our study.