Monodelphis (Monodelphis) sanctaerosae Voss et al., 2012

Voss, Robert S., 2022, An Annotated Checklist Of Recent Opossums (Mammalia: Didelphidae), Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2022 (455), pp. 1-77 : 25

publication ID 10.1206/0003-0090.455.1.1

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Monodelphis (Monodelphis) sanctaerosae Voss et al., 2012


Monodelphis (Monodelphis) sanctaerosae Voss et al., 2012

TYPE MATERIAL AND TYPE LOCALITY: AMNH 263548, the holotype by original designation, consists of the skin, skull, postcranial skeleton,

and frozen tissues of a young adult female collected at Santa Rosa de la Roca (15.83° S, 61.45° W; 250 m), Santa Cruz department, Bolivia GoogleMaps .


DISTRIBUTION: Monodelphis sanctaerosae is only known from the type locality (but see Remarks).

REMARKS: See Voss et al. (2012) and Pavan (2019) for morphological descriptions, illustrations, measurements, and comparisons with closely related congeners. Phylogenetic analyses of multilocus sequence data suggest that Monodelphis sanctaerosae is the sister species of M. glirina . This is the taxon that Pine and Handley (2008: 106) called “ Monodelphis [species B].” A specimen identified as “ Monodelphis cf. sanctaerosae ” was recently reported from the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso by Brandão et al. (2019), but neither phenotypic nor genetic evidence for this tentative identification has yet been published.


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