Monodelphis (Mygalodelphys) reigi Lew and Pérez-Hernández, 2004

Voss, Robert S., 2022, An Annotated Checklist Of Recent Opossums (Mammalia: Didelphidae), Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2022 (455), pp. 1-77 : 28-29

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Monodelphis (Mygalodelphys) reigi Lew and Pérez-Hernández, 2004


Monodelphis (Mygalodelphys) reigi Lew and Pérez-Hernández, 2004

TYPE MATERIAL AND TYPE LOCALITY: MBUCV I-2358, the holotype by original designation, consists of the skin and skull of an adult male collected at Kilometer 134 (5.90° N, 61.43° W; 1300 m) on the road from El Dorado to Santa Elena de Uairén, Bolívar state, Venezuela GoogleMaps .


DISTRIBUTION: Monodelphis reigi is known only from the type locality in eastern Venezuela and from nearby Mount Ayangana (5.33° N, 59.98° W; 1100 m), Potaro-Siparuni Region, Guyana ( Lim et al., 2010) GoogleMaps .

REMARKS: See Lew and Pérez-Hernández (2004) for a description, illustrations, measurements of the holotype, and comparisons with other congeners. The two Guyanese specimens reported by Lim et al. (2010) are both juveniles, so the holotype is still the only known adult specimen. Phylogenetic analyses of multilocus sequence data ( Pavan et al., 2014, 2016) have consistently recovered Monodelphis reigi as the sister taxon of M. adusta .


Museo de Biologia de la Universidad Central de Venezuela

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