Ooencyrtus telenomicida (Vassiliev)

Hayat, Mohammad & Mehrnejad, M. Reza, 2016, Ooencyrtus (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), egg parasitoids of the pistachio green stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in Iran, Zootaxa 4117 (2), pp. 198-210: 207-209

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Ooencyrtus telenomicida (Vassiliev)


Ooencyrtus telenomicida (Vassiliev) 

( Figs 33–38View FIGURES 33 – 38)

Encyrtus telenomicida Vassiliev, 1904: 117  .

Ooencyrtus telenomicida (Vassiliev)  : Trjapitzin, 1989: 202 –203, ♀, key, hosts, distribution. Huang & Noyes, 1994: 78 –79, ♀, ♂, key, diagnosis, figures, hosts, distribution.

Redescription. Female. Length, 0.90–1.01 mm. Body, in dorsal view, Fig. 33View FIGURES 33 – 38. Head with frontovertex greenish from occipital margin to posterior ocelli, purple in ocellar area and up to facial impression; facial impression to mouth margin greenish or bluish-green. Antenna with radicle dark brown; scape white, upper margin dark brown, and with an indistinct pale brownish infuscation in distal half; pedicel dark brown with about apical third white; flagellum whitish yellow, each funicle segment and first segment of clava basally brown; distal two segments of clava yellowish brown. Mesosoma dark brown; pronotum, visible part, dark violet; mesoscutum completely greenish or bluish green; scutellum largely purple, with sides narrowly and posterior third greenish; tegula dark brown; mesopleuron violet. Wings hyaline; fore wing infuscate around marginal and postmarginal veins. Legs, including coxae, white to yellowish-white. Gaster from base to cercal plates yellow, from cercal plates to apex dark brown; third valvula dark brown.

Head, in dorsal view, with frontovertex width about one-fourth head width; ocellar triangle with apical angle very slightly acute; POL:OOL:OCL, 5: 0.5: 3; head, in frontal view, 1.16 × as broad as high [on slide, 1.27 × as broad as high, Fig. 34View FIGURES 33 – 38]; eye height 1.83 × malar space; frontovertex with raised, polygonal reticulate sculpture, the cells small; facial region with fine, elongate reticulate sculpture; malar space with elongate reticulate sculpture, but in lower half polygonal reticulate sculpture; setae white; eye bare. Mandible with a short pointed tooth, a blunt middle tooth, and a broad truncation. Antenna ( Fig. 35View FIGURES 33 – 38) slender, elongate; pedicel plus flagellum slightly longer than head width; funicle segments all longer than broad; F 1 slightly less than 2 × as long as broad, and slightly shorter than F 2; F 2 onwards at least 2 × as long as broad; clava at most as long as F 4 –F 6 combined. Relative measurements (card): head dorsal width, 35; frontovertex width, 9; head frontal height, 30; eye height, 22; malar space, 12; pedicel plus flagellum length, 37.

Mesosoma. Mesoscutum with fine, polygonal reticulate sculpture; scutellum anteriorly with raised, reticulate sculpture, in medial third the cells slightly elongate, and laterally with lineolate-reticulate sculpture; posterior third very finely reticulate, but apex smooth ( Fig. 38View FIGURES 33 – 38); setae white; propodeum with silvery white setae distal to spiracle. Fore wing 2.22 × as long as broad; an oblique bare area present below parastigma, indicated by an arrow in Fig. 37View FIGURES 33 – 38; marginal vein slightly longer than or subequal in length to, postmarginal vein, both combined shorter than stigmal vein ( Fig. 36View FIGURES 33 – 38). Mid tibia 3 × as long as mid basitarsus; mid tibial spur 0.73 × mid basitarsus length. Relative measurements (slide): Fore wing length (width), 100 (45); mid tibia length, 46; mid basitarsus length, 15; mid tibial spur length, 11.

Metasoma. Relative measurements (slide): TVII length, 30; ovipositor length, 41.5; third valvula length, 7. [Ovipositor 0.9 × mid tibia length; third valvula 0.46 × mid basitarsus length, and 0.63 × mid tibial spur length.]

Male. Not yet collected in Iran.

Material examined. 7 ♀ (3 on slides, EH. 1931, EH. 1932, EH. 1942): IRAN: [Semnan Province,] Mabad, Damghan, 5.viii. 2015, Coll. MR Mehrnejad Acc. 1 and Ex. Eggs of Brachynema germarii  on Pistacia vera  . (1 ♀ in BMNH; 1 ♀ in NPC; 5 ♀ in ZDAMU).

Hosts. In Iran: Brachynema germarii (Kolenati)  ( Hemiptera  : Pentatomidae  ) on Pistacia vera  L. ( Anacardiaceae  ). Recorded from Hemiptera  ( Coreidae  , Pentatomidae  , Pyrrhocoridae  , Reduviidae  , Scutelleridae  ) and Lepidoptera  ( Lasiocampidae  , Lymantriidae  , Notodontidae  , Papilionidae  , Sphingidae  ) ( Trjapitzin 1989; Huang & Noyes 1994; Japoshvili & Noyes 2006)

Distribution. Throughout the Palaearctic region; India, Pakistan.

Comments. This species is well-known and distributed widely in the Palaearctic region, and India and Pakistan. As it is recorded from Iran for the first time on pistachio stink bug, B. germarii  , and is therefore redescribed and illustrated.


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Ooencyrtus telenomicida (Vassiliev)

Hayat, Mohammad & Mehrnejad, M. Reza 2016

Ooencyrtus telenomicida

Huang 1994: 78
Trjapitzin 1989: 202

Encyrtus telenomicida

Vassiliev 1904: 117