Euphaleropsis fasciata ( Laing, 1930 )

Burckhardt, Daniel, Sharma, Anamika & Raman, Anantanarayanan, 2018, Checklist and comments on the jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) from the Indian subcontinent, Zootaxa 4457 (1), pp. 1-38: 17

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Euphaleropsis fasciata ( Laing, 1930 )

comb. nov.

Euphaleropsis fasciata ( Laing, 1930)  , comb. nov.

Distribution. India: Jammu-Kashmir ( Laing 1930, as Arytaina fasciata  ); Pakistan ( Hodkinson 1986, as Arytaina fasciata  ).

Host plant unknown. 

Comments. Arytaina fasciata Laing, 1930  and Euphalerus isitis ( Cotes, 1893)  , from both of which we have examined the types ( BMNH), appear senior synonyms of Peregrinivena liangheana Li, 2005  and Euphaleropsis drypetis Li, 2004  , respectively, based on the original descriptions (types not examined). The four nominal species are congeneric based on the head structure, the antenna which are less than twice head width, the forewing shape and pattern and the metatibia without genual spine but with 4‒8 sclerotised apical spurs. For this reason we synonymise the two genera and transfer the two species as follows. Euphaleropsis Li, 2004  , type-species Euphaleropsis drypetis Li, 2004  , by original designation and monotypy = Peregrinivena Li, 2005  , type-species Peregrinivena liangheana Li, 2005  , by original designation and monotypy, syn. nov. Euphaleropsis fasciata ( Laing, 1930)  , comb. nov. from Arytaina  and Euphaleropsis isitis ( Cotes, 1893)  , comb. nov. from Psylla  .