Crytophyllura nigrigenata ( Kandasamy, 1986 )

Burckhardt, Daniel, Sharma, Anamika & Raman, Anantanarayanan, 2018, Checklist and comments on the jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) from the Indian subcontinent, Zootaxa 4457 (1), pp. 1-38: 12-13

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Crytophyllura nigrigenata ( Kandasamy, 1986 )

comb. nov.

Crytophyllura nigrigenata ( Kandasamy, 1986)  , comb. nov.

Distribution. India: Tamil Nadu ( Kandasamy 1986, as Euphyllura nigrigenata  and Euphyllura nigriantennata  [sic]).

Host plant unknown. 

Comments. Based on the description of Kandasamy (1986) Euphyllura nigrigenata Kandasamy, 1986  belongs to Crytophyllura Li, 2011  . Within the Euphyllurinae  , Crytophyllura  shares with Brachyphyllura Li, 2011  , Euphyllura Foerster, 1848  , Ligustrinia Loginova, 1973  and Syringilla Loginova, 1967  following putative synapomorphy: mesepimeron flat, clearly delimited by a rim. In Brachyphyllura  , Crytophyllura  and Ligustrinia  the vein C+Sc of the forewing bears a shallow notch or kink subapically, which we also consider a putative synapomorphy. Crytophyllura  differs from Brachyphyllura  and Ligustrinia  in the posterior margin of the vertex which is convex rather than straight or concave.

Following new combination is proposed here: Crytophyllura nigrigenata ( Kandasamy, 1986)  , comb. nov. from Euphyllura  . In the legend to his Fig. 8, Kandasamy (1986: 92) refers to this species as Euphyllura nigriantennata  [sic] which is a misspelling.