Lithobius (Lithobius) lucifugus L. Koch, 1862

Nefediev, P. S., Farzalieva, G. Sh. & Efimov, D. A., 2020, New data on lithobiomorph centipedes (Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha) from anthropogenic habitats of Siberia, Far Eastern Entomologist 418, pp. 9-14 : 12

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Lithobius (Lithobius) lucifugus L. Koch, 1862


Lithobius (Lithobius) lucifugus L. Koch, 1862

MATERIAL. Russia: Krasnoyarskii Krai : Minusinskii District, near Verkhnyaya Koya village, 53°30′23.4″N, 92°10′21.7″E, Pinus sylvestris forest, h= 400 m, 3.IX 2007, 1 ♂ (PSU- GoogleMaps

820), leg. S. V. Dragan; Republic of Khakassia: Ust-Abakanskii District , near Teplichnyi settlement, 53.789364°N, 91.332937°E, open hand-made grounds, h= 250 m, 3.VIII 2006 GoogleMaps , 1

♂, 1 ♀ (PSU-822), 1 ♂, 1 ♀ (ASU), leg. I.A. Bizyaeva, A.A. Asochakov; Ust-Abakanskii

District, near Rastsvet settlement, 53°47′13.1″N, 91°20′56.0″E, open hand-made grounds,

h= 245 m, 29.VIII 2017, 1 ♂, 4 ♀ (PSU-821), leg. S. V. Dragan .

REMARKS. In Asian Russia, L. lucifugus has previously been known to occur in a hothouse of the Siberian Botanical Garden in the city of Tomsk, Tomskaya Oblast (Nefediev et al., 2016). This species is new for the fauna of Krasnoyarskii Krai and the Republic of

Khakassia. It is obviously found introduced to a near-village forest and agricultural open hand-made grounds, respectively.


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