Aboilus Martynov, 1925

Fang, Yan, Zhang, Haichun & Wang, Bo, 2009, A new species of Aboilus (Insecta, Orthoptera, Prophalangopsidae) from the Middle Jurassic of Daohugou, Inner Mongolia, China, Zootaxa 2249, pp. 63-68: 64

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.275227

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Aboilus Martynov, 1925


Genus Aboilus Martynov, 1925 

Type species. Aboilus fasciatus Martynov 1925  ; by original designation.

Type horizon and locality. Middle –Upper Jurassic, Galkino village, East Karatau, Kazakhstan.

Revised diagnosis. Male tegmen oblong or broadly oval, precostal area ordinary-sized or narrow; C slightly arched, ending in anterior margin before the middle length of tegmen, proximal branches of Sc arched upwards, ending in stem C; RS diverging from R slightly before the middle length of tegmen; both RA and RS giving not less than 4 branches; origin of MA 2 much closer to fusion point of MP+CuA 1 than to origin of RS; “handle vein” nearly straight, ending in fusion point of MP and CuA 1 or branch of MP+CuA 1, no crossveins between “handle vein” and CuA 1; “oblique veins” (crossveins between CuA 2 and CuP) almost straight and sub-parallel to each other.

Included species. At least 19 species: type species Aboilus fasciatus  , A. columnatus  , A. femineus  , A. zebra  and A. chinensis  sp. nov. based on male tegmina; A. abbreviatis  , A. amplus  , A. aulietus  , A. cornutus  , A. dilutus  , A. jiyuanensis  , A. krassilovi  , A. lamina  , A. longitudinalis  , A. pullus  , A. stratosus  , A. tigirs  , A. transverslis  and A. tuzigouensis  based on female tegmina.

Remarks. Up to now, 11 genera were assigned to Aboilinae  Martynov, 1925 based on male tegmina including Aboilus Martynov, 1925  , Apsataboilus Gorochov, 1990  , Bacharaboilus Gorochov, 1988  , Circulaboilus Li et al. 2007  , Flexaboilus Li et al. 2007  , Novaboilus Li et al. 2007  , Prophalangopseides Sharov, 1968  , Sigmaboilus Fang et al. 2007  , Sunoprophalangopsis Hong, 1982  , Tettaboilus Gorochov, 1988  and Utanaboilus Gorochov, 1990  . Some other genera which were established on female tegmina possibly belong within the same subfamily, namely Archaeohagla Lin, 1965  , Angustaboilus Li et al. 2007  , Baissaboilus Gorochov, 1996  , Furcaboilus Li et al. 2007  , Karatailus Gorochov, 1996  , Mesohagla Zhang, 1996  , Nipponohagla Fujiyama, 1978  , Pseudohagla Sharov, 1962  , Pycnophlebia Deichmuller, 1886  , Shangxiania Zhang, 1993  and Sinohagla Lin, 1965  .

Aboilus  is similar to Prophalangopseides  , but differs in branches of Sc simple; RS arising slightly before the middle length of tegmen; the origin of MA 2 much closer to the tegminal base and crossveins not forming “fan” veins between CuA and CuP. Although similar to Protaboilus  in stem C, the precostal area and costal area, it is different from the latter in crossveins between CuA and CuP straight or weakly arched. Differs from Sigmaboilus  in the precostal area narrow, stem C comparatively short, and MP and CuA 1 not united for an appreciable distance.