Acropora nasuta (Dana, 1846)

Wallace, Carden C., Done, Barbara J. & Muir, Paul R., 2012, Revision and catalogue of worldwide staghorn corals Acropora and Isopora (Scleractinia: Acroporidae) in the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Memoirs of the Queensland Museu Nature 57, pp. 1-258: 140-141

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Acropora nasuta (Dana, 1846)


Acropora nasuta (Dana, 1846) 

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Madrepora nasuta Dana, 1846: 453  , pl. 34 fig. 2.

Madrepora effusa Dana, 1846: 455  .

Madrepora canaliculata Klunzinger, 1879: 12  , pl. 1 fig.3, pl.4 fig.10.

Type locality. Tahiti (lectotype NMNH-SI).

MTQ Holdings. Red Sea: G55575 Egypt; G54771, G55248–09 Saudi Arabia; G54777 Sudan; G53542–43, G54751–52, G54773–76, G55573 Yemen; Oman: G40951, G40959; Socotra: G56961, G57405; Kenya: G35573–74, G54926–27, G58935, G58940; Mayotte: G63321–22, G63380–84, G63432; Seychelles: G47941–42, G51863, G59481, G59485, G59488, G59512, G59520, G59529, G59545–46, G59559, G59574, G59588; La R é union: G54781; Mauritius: G51813–14, G54898; Rodriguez: G54785; Maldives: G52005, G52074–75, G53026–29, G59803–07, G59962–66, G60328, G60347, G60369, G61627; Chagos: G51434, G51448–52; Thailand: G32805, G55879–85, G56009, G56454–56, G56471–76, G59338, G59422; Malaysia: G52618, G57676, G59152 mainland and islands; G40023, G40188, G53919 Sabah; Indonesia: G58692, G47177, G47190–92, G49552–56, G49718, G50131 Sumatra; G50791, G32835, G32840, G59199 Java; G49570, G49575–76, G50132–34, G54283, G59180 Bali; G49564–69, G50454 Alor; G48020 Lombok; G35965 Maluku; G49861–68 Riau; G54298–99, G54416–20 Tukangbesi Islands; G43817, G50946–47 Taka’bonerate; G50730–31 Seribu Is; G36210, G48014, G50128 Ambon; G49557–62 Flores; G39812, G49573– 74, G50597 Kalimantan; G34174, G35506–09, G35819, G48015–19, G49571–72, G50129–30, G50135–36, G50948, G54284–85, G55455, G59386 Sulawesi; G54131, G54286– 87, G54296–97, G54541 Molucca Sea; G54132, G54288– 95 Halmahera; G48008–13, G50125–27 Banda Sea; G49563 West Timor; G60761 Irian Jaya; Australia: G36049, G36052, G40464, G47011–12, G48721–24, G51547, G52459–77, G52544–72, G52689–715, G60622, G60627, G60638, G60648–50, G60663, G61664, G61671 West; G51265, G54738, G58977, G58980–81 North; G27028, G27046, G27065, G27081, G27251, G28925–29, G28931–33, G29235–39, G29241, G29636–39, G29641, G29643–47, G29650–51, G29867–68, G29870–71, G30132–33, G30135, G30138, G30140–42, G30144–47, G30248, G30250–53, G30256, G30261–67, G30269, G30271, G30274–76, G30435, G30437, G30439, G30441, G30444, G30446–47, G30739, G30741–42, G30744, G30761, G30763, G30765, G30767–68, G30770–71, G30773–75, G30799–801, G30803–06, G30809–10, G30854–57, G30860–62, G31042–46, G31048–49, G32215, G32469–70, G34150, G35025, G35125, G37403, G39877, G40904–5, G40975, G40977, G47293, G47388, G47633–35, G48249–51, G48292, G48317, G49244, G50694, G51145–50, G55487–90, G55514, G57538, G57547–48, G57550, G57607–0 8, G58001, G58018, G58022, G58062, G58905, G60226, G60556, G61761, G64673, G64725 Great Barrier Reef; G29865, G29869, G29872, G30772, G30808, G58420, G58425, G58429, G60088, G60117, G64993–95 South-East; G29240, G29866, G30134, G30136, G30258, G30260, G30268, G30272, G30436, G30442–43, G30445, G30448, G30743, G30764, G30766, G30802, G30807, G33461, G33484, G33489, G33503, G33510, G35880, G57615, G57620, G60559 Coral Sea; South China Sea: G52191–07, G52264–66, G52363; Japan: G36834–35, G38013, G38028, G38040, G38048, G38051, G38056, G47747–51, G62297, G62333, G62860; Taiwan: G35499, G45844; Philippines: G32825, G41699–01, G45852–53, G52376–77; Palau: G56636–37; Guam: G53629, G53647; Papua New Guinea: G35621–22, G35633, G35651, G35895–96, G52916–26, G53414, G53609; Micronesia: G40716, G40772 Yap; G40754, G40824, G59265, G62394–97, G62463–64 Pohnpei; G62730–32, G62754–57 Kosrae; Solomon Is.: G52122–29, G52606–0 7, G52750, G58566; New Caledonia: G34964, G34981, G35009, G61026, G61222, G61224; Chesterfield Atoll: G30277, G30438, G30440, G38149, G38249, G58913–15; Marshall Is.: G33145, G37957, G37965, G37967, G37972, G37978, G37982, G47228–29, G56175–78, G57286–87; Kiribati: G33108–09, G54808–16, G54819, G54949–52, G54975–76, G54987, G54991; Fiji: G33295, G33298, G33300; Samoa: G33296–97, G33299, G34723, G34728, G34749, G34869, G34877, G36641, G36645, G41190–91, G43457, G43458, G43466; Niue: G54998, G35854, G36132, G54515–22, G54678; Line Is.: G59692; Cook Is.: G35696, G35700, G35708, G35710, G35726, G35848, G36057–58, G36062–64, G46691–93, G49330; French Polynesia: G35545, G53577–80, G53589, G58768; Tahiti: G33082, G53586, G54699, G58966, G58969; Austral Is.: G35988; Pitcairn Is.: G32873, G35746–47, G43827, G54622–27, G54646.

Species group: nasuta  .

Description. Colony outline: determinate, predominantly corymbose. Branches: tertiary branching order absent; length: 5 0–100 mm; diameter: 10.0–19.9 mm, radial-dominated, terete; radial crowding: most touching; axial/radial ratio:>1:10. Axial corallites: three synapticular rings; not porous; outer diameter 1.4–3.0 mm; inner diameter 0.5–1.1 mm; primary septa to ¾ R. Radial corallites: medium; three synapticular rings; one size or graded; inner wall developed; shape: nariform; openings: oval-rounded; primary septa to 2/3 R. Coenosteum: different on and between radials: between radials: reticulate, on radials: reticulocostate; spinule shape: laterally flattened.

Taxonomic note. A. diomedeae is removed from the synonymy of A. nasuta  and confirmed as a synonym of A. listeri (see note under A. listeri).

Further literature: Sheppard & Sheppard (1991), Nishihira & Veron (1995), Wallace & Wolsten-

holme (1998), Wallace (1999), Veron (2000), Pillay et al. (2002), Dai & Horng (2009), Wallace et al. (2009), Turak & DeVantier (2011).














Acropora nasuta (Dana, 1846)

Wallace, Carden C., Done, Barbara J. & Muir, Paul R. 2012

Madrepora canaliculata

Klunzinger 1879: 12

Madrepora nasuta

Dana 1846: 453

Madrepora effusa

Dana 1846: 455