Acropora cytherea (Dana, 1846)

Wallace, Carden C., Done, Barbara J. & Muir, Paul R., 2012, Revision and catalogue of worldwide staghorn corals Acropora and Isopora (Scleractinia: Acroporidae) in the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Memoirs of the Queensland Museu Nature 57, pp. 1-258: 44

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Acropora cytherea (Dana, 1846)


Acropora cytherea (Dana, 1846) 

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Madrepora cytherea Dana, 1846: 441  , pl. 32 figs 3a –b.

Madrepora efflorescens Dana, 1846: 441  , pl. 33 fig. 6.

Madrepora candelabrum Studer, 1878: 528  , pl. 2 figs 3a –b.

Madrepora symmetrica Brook, 1891: 470  ; 1893: 94, pl. 15.

Madrepora arcuata Brook, 1892: 452  ; 1893: 102, pl. 12. Madrepora reticulata Brook, 1892 p.461  ; 1893: 68 pl. 4 figs A –B.

Madrepora armata Brook, 1892: 461  ; 1893: 100, pl. 10 figs A –B.

Acropora cytherella Verrill, 1902: 253  , pl. 36 fig. 7, pl. 36A fig. 7, pl. 36F fig. 1.

Type locality. Tahiti (lectotype NMNH-SI).

MTQ Holdings. Red Sea: G53878, G54786–87 Egypt; G51210–11, G55257 Saudi Arabia; G54282, G54735–36, G54749 Yemen; Kenya: G35568, G58938; South Africa: G41046; Mayotte: G63300–02, G63389–94; Seychelles: G47933–35, G59547; Mauritius: G51817–18; Rodriguez: G33220; Maldives: G52010, G52076–78, G59813–14, G59955–58; Chagos: G51377–94; Sri Lanka: G55760, G56350–51; Thailand: G55904–07; Malaysia: G57654 mainland and islands; G53895 Sabah; Indonesia: G47170, G48531–36, G48541–43 Sumatra; G32850 Java; G50642–43 Bali; G48539 Alor; G50971 Flores; G50639–41 Kalimantan; G48538 Semau; G35815, G47270–77, G50629–38, G54168–69 Sulawesi; G54173 Molucca Sea; G54170–72, G54452 Halmahera; G46687, G46903–05, G47268–69, G48540, G50628 Banda Sea; G48537, G60725–26, G60734 Irian Jaya; Australia: G38368, G38394, G40863, G51539–40 West; G27044, G27674, G27676–77, G27680–81, G27829, G27831–33, G27835, G27837, G28819, G28822, G28824, G28827–28, G28836–39, G28904–0 5, G28907, G28910–11, G28914–18, G29729–30, G29732, G29735–36, G32453–54, G32468, G34136, G35024, G35134–37, G37362–63, G37370, G37401–2, G40912, G41304–7, G48375–77, G51124–26, G58013, G59028, G60600, G61768, G61771, G64611 Great Barrier Reef; G28820, G28823, G28825, G28829, G28831–35, G35998–6011, G58419, G58422, G64987–88 South –East; G27678, G27830, G27834, G29734, G29737–38, G35872, G35877, G39835, G39837–39, G39847, G57631 Coral Sea; South China Sea: G46822,

G51162–64; Japan: G47770–72; Taiwan: G43848, G45943, G45946, G47609; Philippines: G41713, G45859; Palau: G56638, G56861; Papua New Guinea: G35636, G35641, G35649, G35821, G52781–85, G59115; Micronesia: G36613 Chuuk; G62459–60 Pohnpei; Solomon Is.: G52587, G58573, G58598; New Caledonia: G34962, G34995; Chesterfield Atoll: G27675, G27679, G28908–09, G28912, G29731, G29733, G29739–40, G38153, G38160; Marshall Is.: G33126, G33200, G37984, G47233, G56160, G56204–06, G57243; Kiribati: G54800, G54967–69; Fiji: G40927; Samoa: G36626, G38976, G38986, G38989, G41291, G43470, G43487; Niue: G30099, G36018–19, G50579–80; Johnston Atoll: G40987; Hawaii: G27085; Line Is.: G59696; Cook Is.: G35702 French Polynesia: G33106, G35539, G58656; Tahiti: G27105, G35543–44, G54697, G58971; Tuamotu Archipelago: G32864; Austral Is.: G30101; Pitcairn Is.: G35759.

Species group: hyacinthus  .

Description. Colony outline: determinate, predominantly table. Branches: tertiary branching order absent; length: <25 mm; diameter: 2.5–4.9 mm, 50/50 axial/radial, terete; radial crowding: not touching; axial/radial ratio:>1:10. Axial corallites: two synapticular rings; porous; outer diameter 1.3–2.5 mm; inner diameter 0.7–1.0 mm; primary septa to 2/3 R. Radial corallites: small; two synapticular rings; one size or graded; inner wall not developed; shape: dimidiate/lipped; openings: elongate lip; primary septa absent. Coenosteum: different on and between radials: between radials: reticulate, on radials: costate; spinule shape: laterally flattened.

Further literature. Sheppard & Sheppard (1991), Nishihira & Veron (1995), Wallace & Wolstenholme (1998), Wallace (1999), Veron (2000), Pillay et al. (2002), Nomura & Mezaki (2005), Dai & Horng (2009), Turak & DeVantier (2011).














Acropora cytherea (Dana, 1846)

Wallace, Carden C., Done, Barbara J. & Muir, Paul R. 2012

Acropora cytherella

Verrill 1902: 253

Madrepora arcuata

Brook 1892: 452

Madrepora armata

Brook 1892: 461

Madrepora symmetrica

Brook 1891: 470

Madrepora candelabrum

Studer 1878: 528

Madrepora cytherea

Dana 1846: 441

Madrepora efflorescens

Dana 1846: 441