Acropora cerealis (Dana, 1846)

Wallace, Carden C., Done, Barbara J. & Muir, Paul R., 2012, Revision and catalogue of worldwide staghorn corals Acropora and Isopora (Scleractinia: Acroporidae) in the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Memoirs of the Queensland Museu Nature 57, pp. 1-258: 36-38

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Acropora cerealis (Dana, 1846)


Acropora cerealis (Dana, 1846) 

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Madrepora cerealis Dana, 1846: 460  pl. 35 fig. 2.

Madrepora hystrix Dana, 1846: 476  pl. 31 fig.5, pl. 40 fig. 1.

Madrepora tizardi Brook, 1892: 464  ; 1893: 89, pl. 11 figs C –D.

Madrepora cymbicyathus Brook, 1893: 86  .

Type locality. East Indies (lectotype NMNH-SI).

MTQ Holdings. Red Sea: G54709 Yemen; Kenya: G35569; Mayotte: G63255–57, G63259, G63261, G63366; Seychelles: G47956, G51862, G59500, G59556; La R é union: G33207; Maldives: G59989–90, G60374, G61611; Thailand: G32795, G55943–45, G59405; Malaysia: G52616–17, G57664, G57673, G57760, G59357 mainland and islands; G40019, G53898 Sabah; Singapore: G41024, G41031 Indonesia: G47163, G49391– 92, G49539–40, G49730, G50280, G50702 Sumatra; G49419–20, G49549–51, G50296, G53966–69, G59061, G59182, G59718 Bali; G49398–403, G50590, G53877, G53996 Alor; G48038, G49390 Lombok; G35963, G35982 Maluku; G53993–95, G54425–27, G54438 Tukangbesi Islands; G50751 Seribu Is; G50273, G50781– 84, G50792 Ambon; G49393–94, G49541–43, G49961–62, G50281, G50589 Flores; G49415–18, G50292–95 Kalimantan; G49395–96 Semau; G48030–37, G48121, G49389, G49404–14, G49536–38, G49544–48, G49731–32, G49960, G50274–79, G50282–91, G50532, G50551, G50587–88, G53970–74, G54127–28, G59661 Sulawesi; G53975 Molucca Sea; G53976–92, G54129 Halmahera; G48025–29, G48268, G49387–88, G49728–29, G50703, G58896 Banda Sea; G49397 West Timor; Australia: G41161, G41176, G48760, G52444–45, G52677–79, G60657, G61088, G61686 West; G41161 North; G27070, G27080, G27095, G27699–702, G28146, G28148, G28725–26, G28728, G28730, G28733–34, G28812, G29006–10, G29012–15, G29017–19, G29021, G29036, G29038–40, G29043, G29045, G29204, G29207, G29210–11, G29213– 15, G29219–21, G29223, G29226–31, G29233, G29497, G29499–500, G29610, G29612–16, G29621–23, G29784, G29836–52, G30002–0 9, G30560, G30562–66, G30569, G30571, G30573–75, G30577–80, G30582–83, G30586–87, G30725–26, G30729, G30733–36, G30776, G30779, G30781, G30785–86, G34242, G35144–46, G35148–49, G40969–70, G40972–74, G41309–11, G47386, G48248, G49243, G56971, G57534, G57537, G57541, G58056, G58064–66, G58068, G58602, G60227, G60530, G60540 Great Barrier Reef; G29011, G30568, G58417, G58502, G60116, G64978–79 South –East; G28150, G28727, G28729, G28731–32, G29041, G29202, G29216, G29222, G29496, G29498, G29608, G29618, G29620, G30581, G30584, G30591, G30727–28, G30730–32, G30737, G30777, G30780, G30782–84, G34146, G39828–30, G39852, G57621, G57635, G57643, G57879, G60531, G60541, G60549, G63819–25, G64782 Coral Sea; South China Sea: G52238–48, G52256, G52276, G52342–52; Japan: G36841, G36850, G47795–00; Philippines: G41715, G45848–50, G45857, G52380–83; Palau: G36235, G36542, G56625–27, G56856–57, G60201, G60439; Guam: G53646; Papua New Guinea: G35624, G35653, G35889, G53384–10, G59105; Micronesia: G40719, G41165 Yap; G40757, G40813, G40823, G59267, G59287, G62398–99, G62470–74, G62480, G62544, G62570, G62620, G63124 Pohnpei; Solomon Is.: G59039– 40, G52600–01, G58583, G58995; New Caledonia: G35012, G58708, G61031; Chesterfield Atoll: G28147, G28149, G28735, G29016, G29200–01, G29203, G29205– 0 6, G29208–09, G29212, G29217–18, G29224–25, G29232, G29501, G29611, G29617, G29619, G30561, G30570, G30572, G30576, G30778, G35147, G38143–44, G38245, G38247, G58921; Marshall Is.: G33116, G33143, G37959, G37962, G37979, G37985, G47222, G47235, G56187–93, G56225, G57248–56; Kiribati: G54818, G54954–58, G54983–86, G55009–10, G58797; Samoa: G33307, G36630, G36639, G38981, G41274, G43468, G43471, G43478, G56021–23; Niue: G50578, G54505–06; Cook Is.: G35723, G55539–40; Pitcairn Is.: G54606–09, G54647.

Species group: nasuta  .

Description. Colony outline: determinate, predominantly corymbose. Branches: tertiary branching order absent; length: 5 0–100 mm; diameter: 5.0–9.9 mm, radial-dominated, terete; radial crowding: most touching; axial/radial ratio:>1:10. Axial corallites: three synapticular rings; not porous; outer diameter 1.0–2.2 mm; inner diameter 0.3–0.8 mm; primary septa to 2/3 R. Radial corallites: medium; three synapticular rings; one size or graded; inner wall developed; shape: nariform; openings: elongate; primary septa to 1/3 R. Coenosteum: same on and between radials: reticulate; spinule shape: laterally flattened.

Further literature. Nishihira & Veron (1995), Wallace & Wolstenholme (1998), Wallace (1999), Veron (2000), Chan et al. (2004), Dai & Horng (2009), Wallace et al. (2009), Turak & DeVantier (2011).

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Acropora cerealis (Dana, 1846)

Wallace, Carden C., Done, Barbara J. & Muir, Paul R. 2012

Madrepora cymbicyathus

Brook 1893: 86

Madrepora tizardi

Brook 1892: 464

Madrepora cerealis

Dana 1846: 460

Madrepora hystrix

Dana 1846: 476