Scaphomonus indicus (Distant, 1908)

Xing, Ji-Chun & Li, Zi-Zhong, 2013, Review of Chinese species of genus Scaphomonus Viraktamath, 2009 (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae), with description of a new species, Zootaxa 3637 (1) : -

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Scaphomonus indicus (Distant, 1908)


Scaphomonus indicus (Distant, 1908) View in CoL

Scaphoideus indicus Distant, 1908: 374 –375.

Scaphotettix indicus (Distant) , n. comb. by Viraktamath & Mohan, 1993: 464–466; Li & Wang 2005: 193. Scaphomonus indicus (Distant) , n. comb. by Dai et al., 2009: 661, Fig.6 View FIGURES 1 – 7 A–H; Li et al., 2011: 261.

Material examined. 23 2Ƥ, China: Hainan Prov., Bawangling, 25 May 1983, coll. Yalin Zhang; 73 5Ƥ, Hainan Prov., Jiangfengling and Datian 13 July 2007, coll. Yujian Li and Qiongzhang Song (GUGC).

Distribution. China (Hainan); India; Burma; Nepal; Philippines; West Malaysia; Brunei (Dai et al., 2009).

Scaphomonus longistylus (Li & Wang, 2005)

Scaphotettix longistylus Li & Wang, 2005: 190.

Scaphomonus longistylus (Li & Wang), n. comb. by Dai et al., 2009: 661, Fig.7 View FIGURES 1 – 7 A–H; Li et al.,2011: 262.

Material examined. China: 13(Holotype), Yunnan Prov., Mengla, 24 June 1994, coll. Yuzhou Du (GUGC); 13, Yunnan Prov., Xishuangbanna, Mengla, 24 July 2012, coll. Weibin Zheng (GUGC). Distribution. China (Yunnan).

Note. The original name of this species refers to the very long subgenital plate, but mistakenly “ longistylus ” was written; in fact the style is not long.

Scaphomonus splinterus (Li & Wang, 2005)

Scaphoideus festivus Matsumura, Ishihara 1961: 252 , misidentification, Thailand. Scaphotettix splinterus Li & Wang, 2005: 189.

Scaphomonus splinterus (Li & Wang), n. comb. by Dai et al., 2009: 662, Fig.6 View FIGURES 1 – 7 A–H; Li et al.,2011: 263.

Material examined. China: 13 (Holotype), Guangdong Prov., Maoming City, Dianbai County, 12 June 1983, coll. Yalin Zhang; 13, Hubei Prov., Shennongjia, 11 August 1997, coll. Maofa Yang; 13, Yunnan Prov., Menghai, 24 July 2008, coll. Jianda Li (GUGC).

Distribution. China (Guangdong, Hubei, Yunnan, Hainan); Thailand.

Scaphomonus widestyleus Li, 2011 Figs 8–14 View FIGURES 8 – 14 , 24–25 View FIGURES 22 – 27

Scaphomonus widestyleus Li (in Li et al.),2011: 263–264.

Material examined. China: 13 (Holotype), Fujian Prov., Mt. Wuyi, Guadun, 9 September 1978, coll. Zhonglin Ge; 13, Guangxi Autonomous Region, Shangsi County, Shiwandashan, 12 May 2009, coll. Yanli Zheng (GUGC). Distribution. China (Fujian, Guangxi).

Note: The original figures of Li (in Li et al.,2011) lack a view of the aedeagus in lateral view. Here, the first author has redrawn the male genitalia.

Scaphomonus furcatus sp. nov. Figs 15–21 View FIGURES 15 – 21 , 26–27 View FIGURES 22 – 27

Description. Body ochraceous. Head with piceous submargial band on anterior margin, one transverse arcuate band between eyes anteriorly, narrowly margined with piceous, orange red ( Fig. 26 View FIGURES 22 – 27 ). Face with thin, arcuate, piceous submarginal band. Pronotum with anterior brown and posterior submarginal chocolate brown transverse bands ( Fig. 26 View FIGURES 22 – 27 ). Forewing ochraceous, with hyaline spots; piceous areas as shown in Figs. 26–27 View FIGURES 22 – 27 .

Vertex shorter than pronotum, shorter medially than next to eye. Pronotum longer than scutellum( Fig. 26 View FIGURES 22 – 27 ). External features as in generic description.

Male genitalia. Pygofer with a process on caudal margin and three spinose processes on ventrolateral margin ( Fig.15 View FIGURES 15 – 21 ). Valve large, subtriangular ( Fig.16 View FIGURES 15 – 21 ). Subgenital plate very long and narrow, with a row of stout setae along lateral margin and additional hair-like setae at apex ( Fig.17 View FIGURES 15 – 21 ). Aedeagal shaft slender, longer than 2.5 times length of connective, apex forked, gonopore subapical on dorsal surface (Figs.18,19). Connective Y-shaped, articulated with aedeagus, its stem nearly 1/3 length of arms ( Fig.20 View FIGURES 15 – 21 ). Style with prominent subapical lobe, apophysis slender and elongate ( Fig.21 View FIGURES 15 – 21 ).

Measurement. Length (including tegmen): 3,4.9–5.0mm.

Type material. Holotype 3, China: Guangxi Autonomous Region, Jingxi County, Diding, 8 August 2010, coll. Shanyi Zhou; Paratypes: 13, Yunnan Prov., Xishuangbanna, Menglun, 28 July 2012, coll. Weibin Zheng (GUGC).

Diagnosis. This species is similar to Scaphomonus longistylus (Li & Wang), but can be distinguished from the latter by the male pygofer with caudal process, aedeagal shaft forked at apex, and the apophysis of style very elongate.

Etymology. The species name is derived from the Latin words “ furcatus ”, referring to the apical fork of the aedeagus.


We thank Professor ZHOU Shan-Yi, Guangxi Normal University, for his gift of the holotype. We thank Dr Chris Dietrich (Illinois Natural History Survey, Champaign, U.S.A.) and an anonymous referee for reading the manuscript and making some suggestions. The project was supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation founded project (2012M521719) and the Natural Science Foundation of China (30270176).


Dai, W., Viraktamath, C.A., Zhang, Y.L. & Webb, M.D. (2009) A review of the leafhopper genus Scaphotettix Matsumura (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae), with description of a new genus. Zoological Science, 26, 656–663.

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Viraktamath, C.A. & Mohan, G.S. (1993) Indian species of the Deltocephaline leafhopper genus Scaphotettix Matsumura (Homoptera: Cicadellidae). Journal, Bombay Natural Hist. Society, 90, 463–474.













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