Seppo koponeni , Selden, Paul A. & Dunlop, Jason A., 2014

Selden, Paul A. & Dunlop, Jason A., 2014, The first fossil spider (Araneae: Palpimanoidea) from the Lower Jurassic (Grimmen, Germany), Zootaxa 3894 (1), pp. 161-168: 163-166

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Seppo koponeni

n. sp.

Seppo koponeni  n. sp.

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Diagnosis. As for the genus.

Description. Adult? female. Carapace unknown; st L 0.76, W 0.58, ratio 1.30, straight anterior border, slightly bowed posteriorly converging sides, strongly curved posterior margin; lb with straight posterior border, not fused to st; ch large, subtriangular, with row of at least 12 peg teeth along cheliceral furrow, no true teeth, scattered setae on anterior surface, L 1.26. Pedipalp slender, setose, bearing serrate claw. Leg formula 1243; legs I, II much longer than III, IV; leg I particularly longer than others (ratios fe-mt: 1:2, 1:3, 1: 4). Legs well clothed in setae and bristles, especially tibiae and metatarsi of leg I. Leg I with rows of thin macrosetae along length of tibia and metatarsus, metatarsus with distal trichobothrium. Leg IV metatarsus with at least 3 rows of bristles along length, pair of thin, curved macrosetae at distal joint. Podomere lengths: all tr ~ 0.2; Pd pa 0.36, ti 0.84, ta L 0.65, total pa –ta 1.85; leg I fe 2.58, pa 0.77, ti 2.40, mt 1.75, total fe –mt 7.49; leg II fe 2 .0 0, pa 0.74, ti 1.72, mt 1.40, ta 0.68, total fe –mt 5.86; leg III fe 1.16, pa 0.53, ti 1 .0 4, mt ≥ 0.80, ta ≥ 0.59; total fe –mt 3.53; leg IV fe 1.82, pa ≥ 0.43, ti 1.28, mt 1.32, total fe –mt 4.85. Opisthosoma with subcircular antero-ventral sclerotized region and scattered bristles.

Material. Single specimen (part only), number MB.A 2966, deposited in the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin.

Type locality and horizon. Klein Lehmhagen clay pit, Grimmen, Vorpommern, Germany; Lower Jurassic: Lower Toarcian: falciferum zone (exaratum subzone), c. 180 Ma.

Etymology. After Seppo  Koponen, to celebrate his 70 th birthday.