Schizotricha nana Peña Cantero, Svoboda & Vervoort, 1996

Peña Cantero, Álvaro L. & Marzal, Marina Fresneda, 2018, Benthic hydroids (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) from off George V Coast (East Antarctica), Zootaxa 4441 (1), pp. 121-136: 133

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Schizotricha nana Peña Cantero, Svoboda & Vervoort, 1996


Schizotricha nana Peña Cantero, Svoboda & Vervoort, 1996 

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Schizotricha nana  —Peña Cantero & Vervoort, 1999: 367 (synonymy).

Material examined. 63EV314, several stem fragments up to 250 mm long, with gonothecae (IK–2009–0483).

Remarks. Species easily distinguishable amongst the Antarctic species of the genus by the low, as high as wide, hydrothecae ( Fig. 3H View Figure ). Only Schizotricha falcata Peña Cantero 1998  also has low hydrothecae, but in this species stems are unbranched and there are no ahydrothecate internodes; S. nana  is characterized by having branched stems and ahydrothecate internodes.

Measurements (in µm). Hydrotheca: height 145.2±26.8 (n=21), range 110–200; diameter at aperture 137.1±23.2 (n=17), range 100–180.

Ecology and distribution. Our material was collected at depths from 423 to 433 m, with gonothecae in January. Circum-Antarctic distribution ( Peña Cantero et al. 1996).