Oppiella Jacot, 1937

Hugo-Coetzee, Elizabeth A., 2014, New Oppiidae (Acari: Oribatida) from the Golden Gate Highlands National Park in South Africa, Zootaxa 3884 (6), pp. 533-552 : 548

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Oppiella Jacot, 1937


Genus: Oppiella Jacot, 1937

(From: Miko 2006)

Type: Eremaeus novus Oudemans, 1902

Diagnosis. Small to medium size; rostrum smooth or dentate; costula present, absent, or reduced to bothridial costulae between interlamellar setae and bothridium; interbothridial tubercles posterior to interlamellar setae present; postbothridial tubercle present; sensillus spindle-, clubshaped, lanceolate or fusiform, often covered with bristles or branches; anterior notogastral edge straight or arcuate, with a notogastral keel or ridge; crista present or absent; ten pairs of notogastral setae present (including c 2); lyrifissure iad paraanal; one pair aggenital, two pairs anal, two to three pairs of adanal setae, four to six pairs of genital setae.

Remarks. Subgenus Oppiella (Moritzoppia) Subías & Rodríguez, 1988 has four pairs of genital setae and costula on the prodorsum ( Miko 2006). Oppiella (Rhinoppia) Balogh, 1983 has absent or reduced costula and six pairs of genital setae ( Miko 2006). Therefore, a new subgenus Oppiella (Quattoppiella) subgen. nov. is erected with four pairs of genital setae and absent costula.