Aegla intercalata Bond-Buckup & Buckup, 1994

Bond-Buckup, Georgina, Jara, Carlos G., Buckup, Ludwig, Bueno, Alessandra A. P., Pérez-Losada, Marcos & Crandall, Keith A., 2010, Description of a new species of Aeglidae, and new records of related species from river basins in Argentina (Crustacea, Anomura), Zootaxa 2343, pp. 18-30: 23

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Aegla intercalata Bond-Buckup & Buckup, 1994


Aegla intercalata Bond-Buckup & Buckup, 1994 

Diagnosis. Anterolateral spine of carapace reaching base of cornea; protogastric lobes moderately distinct; rostrum of medium length, indented; rostrum carinate along its entire length; front narrow; anterior angle of ventral margin of epimera 2 unornamented or with one or more scales; proximal outer margin of moveable finger of cheliped without lobe; fingers of cheliped with lobular tooth; palmar crest of cheliped absent or slightly developed; inner margin of ventral face of ischium of cheliped with four prominent tubules, and smaller tubercles among them; ventral margin of merus of second pereiopod with scale-shaped tubercles. (Modified from Bond-Buckup & Buckup 1994.)

New records. ARGENTINA: Province of Tucumán: stream of River Los Sojas, with Ruta 307, direction to Tucumán with Tafi del Valle, 26 º 56 ' 27 "S, 65 º 9 ' 56 "W; 1855 m, 10.xii. 2001 ( UFRGS 3228, 1 F); Stream at 15 km Taffi del Valle, Las Carreras. 26 º 56 '00"S, 65 º 46 ' 33 "W; 2366 m, 10.xii. 2001 ( UFRGS 3226, 3 M, 2 F); id., ib. ( UFRGS 3229, 3 M, 4 F); Stream tributary, direction Concepción to El Clavillo. 27 º 21 ' 30 "S, 65 º 49 '05"W; 655m, 11.xii. 2001 ( UFRGS 3224, 4 M, 1 F); Province of S. F. Catamarca: River Las Trancas, Las Juntas, near El Rodeo, Catamarca. 28 º04' 27 "S, 65 º 54 ' 25 "W; 1485m, 11.xii. 2001 ( UFRGS 3225, 1 M 4 F).

Former distribution. ARGENTINA: Northwestern Tucumán, southeastern and eastern Catamarca ( Bond-Buckup & Buckup 1994).

Present distribution. ARGENTINA: Mar Chiquita system – Dulce River – northwestern and southwestern Tucumán, southeastern and eastern Catamarca.

Remarks. The specimens of Aegla intercalata  were collected in different habitats, in silt or under rocks, in river backwaters and also where the current was swift. The new records are within the geographical distribution already known for this species.


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