Aegla affinis Schmitt, 1942

Bond-Buckup, Georgina, Jara, Carlos G., Buckup, Ludwig, Bueno, Alessandra A. P., Pérez-Losada, Marcos & Crandall, Keith A., 2010, Description of a new species of Aeglidae, and new records of related species from river basins in Argentina (Crustacea, Anomura), Zootaxa 2343, pp. 18-30: 22

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Aegla affinis Schmitt, 1942


Aegla affinis Schmitt, 1942 

Diagnosis. Anterolateral spine of carapace reaching middle of cornea; protogastric lobes absent; transverse dorsal line sinuous; extra-orbital sinus absent; rostrum of medium length, lingulate; rostrum with carina little evident in distal third; front narrow; fourth thoracic sternite with several scales; proximal outer margin of moveable finger of cheliped without lobe; palmar crest very modest; inner margin of ventral face of ischium of chelipeds with at most six tubercles; ventral margin of merus of second pereiopod with scale-shaped tubercles. (Modified from Bond-Buckup & Buckup 1994)

New records. ARGENTINA: Province of Mendoza: Tunuyán River below El Carrizal Reservoir, Province of Mendoza, 33 º 17 ' 53 "S, 68 º 43 ' 12 "W, 740 m, 01.x. 2006 ( IZUA 879, 1 M, 14 F); Arroyo Claro, extreme northern part of city of Tunuyán, Province of Mendoza, 33 º 33 ' 56 "S, 69 º01'01"W, 862 m, 01.x. 2006 ( IZUA 880, 7M, 1 F); Atuel River, upstream from El Nehuil Reservoir, 35 º05'07"S, 68 º 50 ' 59 "W, 1300 m, ix. 2006 ( IZUA 881, 1M); Chico River, tributary of the Colorado River, Malargüe, 20.ii. 2000 ( UFRGS 2983, 2M, 3 F). CHILE: Province of Talca: Source of Maule River in Laguna Del Maule, Talca, 19.xii. 2000 ( UFRGS 2984, 2M, 2 F); Small lagoon in Rio Maule, 5 km downstream from Laguna del Maule, Talca, 20.xii. 2000 ( UFRGS 2985, 3M, 1 F).

Former distribution. ARGENTINA: Central and southwestern part of Province of Mendoza, and northern part of Neuquén. CHILE: Provinces of Santiago [? or Cachapoal?] and Linhares ( Bond-Buckup & Buckup 1994). Laguna Del Maule ( Bahamonde et al. 1998).

Present distribution. ARGENTINA: Colorado River system — Central and southern Province of Mendoza, northern Neuquén. CHILE: Provinces of Santiago [? or Cachapoal?], Linhares, and Talca.


Universidad Austral de Chile, Instituto de Zoologia


Universidade Federale do Rio Grande do Sul