Gauldiana postfurcalis ( Khalaim, 2006 )

Khalaim, Andrey I. & Ward, Darren F., 2018, Tersilochinae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) from New Zealand. Part 1. Generic key and three new genera, Zootaxa 4425 (1), pp. 41-77: 74

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Gauldiana postfurcalis ( Khalaim, 2006 )

comb. nov.

Gauldiana postfurcalis ( Khalaim, 2006)  , comb. nov.

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Morphological remarks. Antenna black, flagellum filiform. Fore wing with vein 2m-cu postfurcal; vein 2rs-m slightly longer than abscissa of M between 2rs-m and 2m-cu. Ovipositor sheath 1.5× as long as hind tibia. Head black, clypeus yellow. Mesosoma predominantly black with reddish brown pronotum, posterior mark and a pair of narrow lateral marks on mesoscutum, and upper half of mesopleuron. Pterostigma brown. Legs yellowish brown with hind coxa black. Metasoma dark brown.

Material examined. 1 ♀ (holotype, BMNH) South Island, MK, “ New Zealand: Mt. Cook Nat   . Park. Tasman Valley, 1/ 2 mile W. Unwin Hut. 2,300 ft. 26.i.1972 ”, “ Tussock grass and low plants on arid hillside”, “ R.A.F.M.A. Mt. Cook Exped. : W.J. Knight & P.S. Broomfield. B.M. 1972-124”. 

Distribution. South Island: MK.