Anacroneuria amazonica Froehlich, 2003

Ribeiro, José Moacir Ferreira & Rafael, José Albertino, 2009, Redescription of the species of Anacroneuria Klapálek known from the Reserva Florestal Adolpho Ducke, Amazonas, Brazil with a neotype designation, and a key to adults males, Amazonas, Brazil. , Zootaxa 2004, pp. 1-15: 13-14

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Anacroneuria amazonica Froehlich, 2003


Anacroneuria amazonica Froehlich, 2003 

(Fig. 46–48)

Anacroneuria marlieri  ; Ribeiro– Ferreira & Froehlich, 2001: 191, Figs. 11View FIGURES 11 – 15, 16View FIGURES 16 – 25 (partim). Anacroneuria amazonica Froehlich, 2003: 132  .

Diagnosis. The female of the species, the only sex known, is characterized by a uniformly light pronotum and by sternum eight having two lateral lobes smaller than the paramedial ones.

Redescription. Paratype female. Overall color pale. Body length 9.1 mm long. Head length 1.1 mm, width 1.7 mm. Frons light yellow with inconspicuous concolorous spots forming an ‘M’–shaped mark. Ocelli separated by a distance approximately equal to their width; scape, pedicel, and flagellum light yellow; maxillary and labial palpi light yellow. Pronotum light yellow, lacking lateral stripe. Meso– and metanotum light yellow. Coxae, trochanter and femora light yellow, except femora with dark brown spots on apex; tibiae lacking spots. Forewing light yellow to whitish, length 11.1 mm, width 3.1 mm; hindwing length 9.4 mm, width 3.9 mm. Abdomen and cerci light yellow. Sternum eight wider than long with lateral lobes smaller than paramedian lobes (Fig. 46); median and sublateral notch of equal depth; sternum nine (Fig. 47) with posterior margin almost straight, lateral bristles slightly larger, median bristles projecting towards anterior margin; vaginal sclerite membranous (Fig. 48).

Male: unknown.

Distribution. Amazonas (? Lake Rio Preto da Eva in the Rio Preto da Eva municipality, around 80 km east of Reserva Florestal Adolpho Ducke).

Type material examined. Paratype ( INPAAbout INPA). À la lumiére, April, 1964, [George Marlier]. Holotype originally deposited at MZSPAbout MZSP, but not located there with type label identification. Five specimes collected at lower Rio Negro are deposited at MZSPAbout MZSP and identified as A. marlieri  . These specimens, however have a different date and a different collector on the label.

Remarks. See remarks for A. minuta  for comparison with other species. Froehlich (2003) cited the paratype date as 0 6.1964, but the label actually reads as cited above (April, 1964). Two female paratypes of A. amazonica  were previously treated as A. marlieri  by Froehlich (in Ribeiro– Fereira & Froehlich 2001). These specimens were collected in February and April of 1964 by Georges Marlier. Froehlich (2001, 2003) treated them as collected at RFAD, despite the fact that no collecting location information exists for these specimens. During our one year of collecting at RFAD, no specimens referable to A. amazonica  were collected. This raises doubts about the type locality of this species. Marlier indeed spent 1963 through May 1964 in the Brazilian Amazon, but his collecting efforts focused primarily on regional lakes ( Marlier 1967). He apparently did not collect in RFAD. The date on the type specimen label correspond exactly to his collection dates on Lake Rio Preto da Eva, located approximately 80 km east of RFAD. Another location visited by Marlier was Lake Redondo close to Manaus, but these dates do not correspond to the dates on the specimens labels. Therefore, we conclude that the type locality for A. amazonica  probably is the Lake Rio Preto da Eva, not RFAD. However, it is possible that A. amazonica  may occur in RFAD. Anacroneuria amazonica  is known only from the type specimens and additional efforts should be made to survey for this species.


Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia


Sao Paulo, Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de Sao Paulo














Anacroneuria amazonica Froehlich, 2003

Ribeiro, José Moacir Ferreira & Rafael, José Albertino 2009


Anacroneuria marlieri

Froehlich 2003: 132Ferreira 2001: 191