Kamimuria taoi Wu, 1936

Li, Kefan, Wang, Bingli, Bozdoğan, Hakan & Li, Weihai, 2023, Additional records and poorly known species of Kamimuria Klapálek, 1907 (Plecoptera, Perlidae) from southern China, Zootaxa 5346 (1), pp. 74-82 : 80

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.5346.1.4

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Kamimuria taoi Wu, 1936


Kamimuria taoi Wu, 1936 View in CoL

( Fig. 5 View FIGURE 5 )

http://lsid.speciesfile.org/urn:lsid: Plecoptera .speciesfile.org:TaxonName:2352

Kamimuria taoi Wu, 1936: 188 View in CoL . Holotype male ( Yenching University , Beijing), Wuchow, Guangxi, China.

Kamimuria taoi: Wu, 1938: 60 View in CoL ; Claassen, 1940: 124; Banks, 1940: 175; Kimmins, 1950: 195; Illies, 1966: 295; Zwick, 1977: 116; Du et al., 1999: 61; Sivec & Stark, 2008: 137; Stark & Sivec, 2013: 117; Li & Li, 2022: 119.

Amended description of adult male. Head with an obscure ocellar patch ( Fig. 5a View FIGURE 5 ). Tergum 8 without sensilla patch, tergum 9 with a large sensilla patch covering the entire tergal length ( Fig. 5b View FIGURE 5 ). Hemitergal lobes recurved, with apex tapering in dorsal and lateral views, medially distinctly upcurved in lateral view ( Figs. 5b–c View FIGURE 5 ). Aedeagus membranous, in dorsal and ventral aspects generally tubular except a medial constriction ( Figs. 5d–e View FIGURE 5 ), which is more pronounced in lateral view and covered with a ventral patch of microtrichia ( Figs. 5e–f View FIGURE 5 ). Distal portion slightly curved dorsally, primarily globular with single, nipple-like dorsodistal lobe and a similar but shorter ventroposterior lobe ( Fig. 5f View FIGURE 5 ); main armatures present on subapical portion on ventral surface as a patch of larger spines that is extended laterally and continuous to the dorsal surface of distal lobe, with an additional pair of lateral patches of smaller spine connecting the main patch and extending to base of the ventroposterior lobe ( Figs. 5d–f View FIGURE 5 ).

Female and Egg. Unknown.

Examined material. 1 male ( CAU), China: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin City , Xing’an County, Mao’er National Nature Reserve , light trap, 25.8525 N, 110.4840 E, 350 m, 2003.VII.3, leg. Xingyue Liu. GoogleMaps 1 male ( CAU), Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hechi City , Luocheng County, Jiuwan Mountain , Yuxi Management Station , light trap, 25.09 N, 108.79 E, 400–600 m, 2003.VII.27, leg. Lili Zhang. GoogleMaps

Distribution. China (Guangxi).

Remarks. Among the species known in Guangxi, the aedeagi of K. longispina Wu, 1948 and K. taoi Wu, 1936 have not been described in previous studies, but tergum 8 of K. longispina has a sensilla patch (see fig. 5 in Wu 1948) while for K. taoi , sensilla are only present on tergum 9. One male in this study was collected from Xing’an County of Guilin, approximately 230 km from Luocheng of Hechi City where another male was obtained. Both counties are approximately 350–400 km from Wuzhou, the type locality of K. taoi . This may allude to the fact that this species is common in northwest, northeast, and eastern Guangxi. Therefore, we tentatively consider these males as K. taoi and present new color images and amended descriptions for a quick future identification.


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Kamimuria taoi Wu, 1936

Li, Kefan, Wang, Bingli, Bozdoğan, Hakan & Li, Weihai 2023

Kamimuria taoi:

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Kamimuria taoi

Wu, C. F. 1936: 188
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