Protapalochrus Evers, 1987

Tshernyshev, Sergei E., 2016, A review of species of the genera Protapalochrus Erichson and Paratinoides L. Medvedev (Coleoptera, Malachiidae), Zootaxa 4139 (3), pp. 369-390: 371-372

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Protapalochrus Evers, 1987


Protapalochrus Evers, 1987 

Type species: Apalochrus flavolimbatus Mulsant & Rey, 1853  .

Diagnosis. Moderate size (c. 3.5–5.0 mm) soft-winged flower beetles with the body elongate, narrow in Protapalochrus  ( Protapalochrus  ) and slightly widened in Protapalochrus (Latapalochrus)  , parallel-sided and slightly expanded posteriorly. Black-brown lacking metallic luster or metallic blue or green with yellow parts (i.e. sides of pronotum, elytra, palpi, basal segments of antennae, median part of abdomen and legs). Antennae filiform, long, expanding over the base of elytra with the 3rd antennomere triangular, longer than the 1st, in Protapalochrus (Latapalochrus)  and of the same length in Protapalochrus  ( Protapalochrus  ). Head small, flat, slightly narrower than pronotum, eyes simple, small, round, slightly protruding. Pronotum transverse in Protapalochrus (Latapalochrus)  and elongate, and distinctly narrowed posteriorly in Protapalochrus  ( Protapalochrus  ), almost completely straight anteriorly, with evenly rounded angles and distinctly marginate basal half. Elytra narrow and parallel, densely punctured in Protapalochrus  ( Protapalochrus  ) and subparallel, slightly expanded posteriorly in evenly and sparsely punctured in Protapalochrus (Latapalochrus)  , with distinct but weakly protruding shoulders; apices evenly rounded, simple. Anterior tarsi with distinct transverse rounded not large comb above the 2nd segment, all tibiae simple, not swollen or appendiculate, thin and slightly expanded posteriorly, femora simple, not swollen or rounded, lacking appendages or indentation. Metathorax simple, not swollen, thoracic mesepimere dark, vesicles yellow.

Pygidium undivided, evenly rounded, simple, ultimate abdominal ventrite bilaciniate, narrow, evenly rounded distally, aedeagus simple, slightly curved dorsally, with distinct horn-like tube inside endophallus in Protapalochrus (Latapalochrus)  and transparent tube in Protapalochrus  ( Protapalochrus  ). Tegmen with thin and very short apices of parameres.

Species of the genus are similar to representatives of Apalochrus Erichson, 1840  and differ by the presence of a comb in the 2nd segment of anterior tarsi of males.

Notes. Species of the genus are distributed in Central and North Asia and South and Central Europe.