Macrostylis roaldi Riehl & Kaiser, 2012

Riehl, Torben & Brandt, Angelika, 2013, Southern Ocean Macrostylidae reviewed with a key to the species and new descriptions from Maud Rise, Zootaxa 3692 (1), pp. 160-203: 191

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Macrostylis roaldi Riehl & Kaiser, 2012


Macrostylis roaldi Riehl & Kaiser, 2012 5 ABAAC 9 D- 3925 - 4 A 67 -A009- 84 EA 398 C 88 AA

Modified diagnosis. Pereonite 3 posterolateral margins produced posteriorly, tapering; posterolateral setae spinelike. Pereonite 3–4 ventral spines present, prominent. Pereonite 4 lateral margins concave in collum region, medially convex with greatest width, constricted anterior to posterolateral margin. Female pleotelson ovoid, waist present. Male pleotelson trapezoid, widening towards uropod insertions, lateral margins straight. Pereopod III ischium dorsal lobe triangular with 1 prominent, spine-like, bifid apical seta. Operculum stout, ovoid, apical width greater 0.5 operculum width, lateral fringe of setae distinctly separate from apical row of setae.