Macrostylis obscura (Brandt, 1992)

Riehl, Torben & Brandt, Angelika, 2013, Southern Ocean Macrostylidae reviewed with a key to the species and new descriptions from Maud Rise, Zootaxa 3692 (1), pp. 160-203: 190

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Macrostylis obscura (Brandt, 1992)


Macrostylis obscura (Brandt, 1992)  nom. dub.

Desmostylis obscura Brandt, 1992  ; p. 70, Figs 11–13View FIGURE 11View FIGURE 12View FIGURE 13;

Macrostylis obscura (Brandt, 1992)  ; Riehl & Brandt (2010); pp. 43–44; Fig. 19View FIGURE 19.

Remarks. This species and the genus Desmostylis Brandt, 1992  were based on a single damaged manca. Both were subsequently transferred to Macrostylis Sars, 1864 (Riehl & Brandt 2010)  . The species was collected from the same box corer sample as M. sarsi Brandt, 1992  , which is represented by a single subadult female specimen. Both species share several similarities, such as dorsal and lateral setation of the body. Quantitative samples such as boxcorer samples often show an aggregated distribution of single species, so the possibility remains that these specimens are conspecific. Unfortunately, much of each type specimen is missing owing to dissection and subsequent damage and loss at the NHM London. So the types cannot be fully compared to decide whether they are conspecific or not. Another consequence of the manca stage of the only known representative of M. obscura  is that information suitable and available for comparison with other species of the family is very limited. M. obscura  is therefore not included in the key presented below and is henceforward regarded nomen dubium. In accordance with the gender agreement stated in Article 31.2 of the ICZN, the species-group name is changed to be feminine.