Macrostylis antennamagna Riehl & Brandt, 2010

Riehl, Torben & Brandt, Angelika, 2013, Southern Ocean Macrostylidae reviewed with a key to the species and new descriptions from Maud Rise, Zootaxa 3692 (1), pp. 160-203: 189

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Macrostylis antennamagna Riehl & Brandt, 2010


Macrostylis antennamagna Riehl & Brandt, 2010 5 B09C 3 B 7-6291 - 458 D-BC 5 E- 975 BCBD 39 D 80 Macrostylis antennamagna Riehl & Brandt, 2010  ; pp. 29–43; Figs 9–18View FIGURE 9View FIGURE 10View FIGURE 11View FIGURE 12View FIGURE 13View FIGURE 14View FIGURE 15View FIGURE 16View FIGURE 17View FIGURE 18.

Modified diagnosis. Body hirsute. Female pleotelson narrowing evenly towards uropod insertions, lateral margins straight, posterior apex slightly concave, posterior apex length 0.15 pleotelson length. Male pleotelson of hourglass-like shape, posterior apex clearly concave. Female pereonite 4 posterolateral margins produced posteriorly, rounded. Male pereonite 4 posterolateral margins not produced posteriorly. Female pereonite 6 shorter pereonite 5, vice versa in male. Female pereonite 3–4 ventral spines present, small, both absent in male. Female and male pereonite 7 ventral spine small. Pereopod III ischium dorsal lobe triangular.