Macrostylis uniformis Riehl & Brandt, 2010

Riehl, Torben & Brandt, Angelika, 2013, Southern Ocean Macrostylidae reviewed with a key to the species and new descriptions from Maud Rise, Zootaxa 3692 (1), pp. 160-203: 193

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Macrostylis uniformis Riehl & Brandt, 2010


Macrostylis uniformis Riehl & Brandt, 2010 5105 DA 6 E-E 793 - 42 B 6 -A 5 D 7 -A 4 D 9 F 8 C 5933 A Macrostylis uniformis Riehl & Brandt, 2010  ; pp. 19–29, Figs 3–8View FIGURE 3View FIGURE 4View FIGURE 5View FIGURE 6View FIGURE 7View FIGURE 8.

Modified diagnosis. Body heavily calcified, cuticular setules absent. Pereonite 4 width subequal pereonite 5 width, lateral margins convex, posterolateral margins not produced posteriorly, posterolateral setae absent. Pleotelson ovoid, waist absent, posterior apex length about 0.20 pleotelson length. Antenna article 2 elongate, longer than article 1. Mandible incisors simplified, monodentate, bluntly rounded. Pereopod III ischium dorsal lobe tapering, with 2 prominent apical setae. Pereopod V ischium distodorsally with setae present. Operculum ovoid, lateral fringe of setae with fluent transition to apical row of setae. Uropod protopod distal margin slightly extending laterally, endopod articulation subterminally.