Aleuromarginatus corbettiaformis Martin, 1985

Wang, Jirui, Du, Yuzhou & Xu, Zhihong, 2016, Six newly recorded species of whitefly (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) from China, Zoological Systematics 41 (4), pp. 427-438: 428-429

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Aleuromarginatus corbettiaformis Martin, 1985


Aleuromarginatus corbettiaformis Martin, 1985   ( Figs 1–7 View Figures 1–3 View Figures 4–7 )

Aleuromarginatus corbettiaformis Martin, 1985   . Bull. Br. Mus. Nat. Hist. (Ent.), 50(3): 318.

Diagnosis. Puparia. White, but with a brown median stripe, 1.3 mm in length and 0.45 mm in width; outline asymmetrically elongate-oval, broadest across the abdominal segment III–IV region. Crenulate, margin with regular double row of teeth; primary teeth triangular, about 7–9 crenulations in 0.1 mm, each tooth with a long hair wax filament beyond the margin, 189.4–257.3 μm long; secondary row in form of shallow crenulations. Paired anterior and posterior marginal setae 11 µm and 30.1 µm long, respectively. Dorsum densely patterned, with many subcircular papillae, which in submargin area were larger than in median area, the diameter about 15–20 μm and 10–14μm, respectively. A row of wax secretions present along each side of submedian area from cephalothorax to vasiform orifice. Dorsum bearing 21 pairs of short setae, 27.6– 30.0 μm long, usually much curved. Longitudinal and transverse molting suture both reaching the margin, and the end of transverse molting suture consist with some small papillae. Abdominal segment sutures well defined, abdominal segment I–II about 62.9 μm long, abdominal segment III–VI about 85.7 μm long, abdominal segment VII only about half of abdominal segment VI, about 43 μm long, abdominal VIII about 74.2μm long. Vasiform orifice subcordate, longer than wide, 74.2 µm long, 57.1 µm wide. operculum inverted trapezoid, covering about half of the orifice. Lingula exposed, knobbed, covering the other half of the orifice. Caudal furrow distinct, about 125.7 µm long.

Material examined. 10 puparia on 8 slides, China, Hainan, Wuzhi Mt. , 18.V.2012, coll. Jirui Wang & Haiyan Wu, from Fagaceae   spp., deposited in YZU   .

Distribution. China (Hainan); Papua New Guinea ( Martin, 1985).

Host plants. Fagaceae   spp., Desmodium unbellatum   .

Remarks. This species differs from the other species of Aleuromarginatus   by the density and form of cuticular patterning ( Martin, 1985).














Aleuromarginatus corbettiaformis Martin, 1985

Wang, Jirui, Du, Yuzhou & Xu, Zhihong 2016

Aleuromarginatus corbettiaformis

Martin 1985