Exelastis pumilio (Zeller, 1873),

Matthews, Deborah L., Miller, Jacqueline Y., Simon, Mark J. & Goss, Gary J., 2019, Additions to the plume moth fauna of The Bahamas (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae) with description of four new species, Insecta Mundi 708 (708), pp. 1-35: 10

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Exelastis pumilio (Zeller, 1873)


Exelastis pumilio (Zeller, 1873) 

Fig. 11View Figures 10–17, 31a, bView Figures 29–32, 46View Figure 43–48

Diagnosis. Forewing cleft extending to about one-third from wing apex to base; with a small fuscous discal spot and diffuse spot at cleft ( Fig. 11View Figures 10–17). Ground color variable, ranging from pale caramel brown to drab with scattered white overscaling. Small fuscous scale tufts present in fringes of forewing, absent on hindwing. Posterior third of mesothorax, metathorax, and first abdominal segment dorsally pale buff or pale yellow. Valvae of male genitalia symmetrical, with curved tong-like tips bearing stout spines ( Fig. 31aView Figures 29–32). Female genitalia with small sclerotized cup-like antrum, narrow ductus bursae, and round to oblong corpus bursae without signa ( Fig. 46View Figure 43–48).

Pinned material examined. BAHAMAS: Abaco: Central Abaco, E side of S.C. Bolle Hwy., 3 mi. S of Treasure Cay Rd. , 26.656294°, −77.306661°, 2.x.2014, DLM, JYM, MJS, RMR (1 ♂)  ; New Providence Island: W Bay St. & Indigo Dr., Orange Hill Inn, 25.065479°, −77.457172°, 21.vii.2015, DLM (4 ♂, slide DM 2163, 2 ♀)  ; same data except 25.065248°, −77.457152°, 9.vi.2018, DLM (1 ♂, 3 ♀)  ; North Andros Island: Captain Bill’s Blue Hole, 24.742046°, −77.862031°, 13.vi.2012, MJS, GJG, RMR, Michael Simon (1 ♀)  ; San Salvador Island : Gerace Research Centre, vic. library, 24.118742°, −74.465230°, 13.vi.2018, DLM (1 ♂, 1 ♀);  Gerace Research Centre, vic. Water Tanks, 24.117589°, −74.465207°, 11.vi.2018, DLM, JYM (2 ♀, slide DM 2149)  ; same data except, 14.vi.2018 (1 ♂, 1 ♀)  .

Life history. Recorded larval hostplants are various Fabaceae  , especially species of Desmodium Desv. ( Matthews and Lott 2005)  . Adults from New Providence and San Salvador islands were collected in association with Desmodium  growing in mowed lawns.

Distribution. This species occurs throughout the new and old world tropics and subtropics. In the West Indies it is known from The Bahamas, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. In The Bahamas, the species has been collected from Abaco, New Providence, North Andros, and San Salvador islands. Previously recorded from North Andros ( Matthews et al. 2012).