Iquitozelus couturieri Bérenger, 2003

Forero, Dimitri, 2006, New records of Reduviidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from Colombia and other Neotropical countries, Zootaxa 1107, pp. 1-47: 27-28

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.171458

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Iquitozelus couturieri Bérenger, 2003


Iquitozelus couturieri Bérenger, 2003 

Bérenger (2003) described I. couturieri  , a new genus and species from Iquitos, Peru. The specimen examined here belongs to this species. However, its coloration differs slightly from the original description: the overall coloration ( Fig. 47View FIGURES 43 – 51) is yellowish rather than ochre; the tibiae as well as the apex of the femora are reddish; and abdominal tergite IX is red with yellowish lateral margins, and the gonocoxites and gonapophyses VIII are yellow. These color differences as well as the wrinkled body surface point to a teneral specimen killed shortly after molting. I. couturieri  is a new generic record from Colombia.

Material examined: COLOMBIA, 1 Ψ, Amazonas, Macedonia, [3 ° 49 '0"S 70 ° 11 ' 59 "W], 30 ­VIII­ 1997, R[ío]. Amazonas, F. Fernández [ IAVH].


Instituto de Ivestigacion de los Recursos Biologicos Alexander von Humboldt