Pessoaia limai Usinger, 1942,

Forero, Dimitri, 2006, New records of Reduviidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from Colombia and other Neotropical countries, Zootaxa 1107, pp. 1-47: 39-40

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Pessoaia limai Usinger, 1942


Pessoaia limai Usinger, 1942 

The genus Pessoaia  Costa Lima, 1940, has five described species ( Maldonado 1990). Wygodzinsky (1943) mention this species from Cuba citing Usinger (1942), but the original description only mention specimens from “ Costa Rica.” Alayo (1967) also did not mention Pessoaia  from Cuba. Therefore, without voucher specimens, the Cuban record must be considered an error. P. l i m a i is here recorded for the first time from Guyana and Trinidad. Drake & Harris (1945) recorded P. limai  from “Bonda” in Colombia. This locality is in the Magdalena Department, 75 km east of Santa Marta city by road ( IGAC 1996). P. l i m a i was previously recorded from Costa Rica and Colombia (Maldonado 1995). Additional localities in the Colombian Caribbean coast are given here. Some of the Colombian specimens were found in a tropical dry forest. Since this species has never been figured, an illustration is given now ( Fig. 64View FIGURES 61 – 66). With these additional distributional data at hand, P. l i m a i seems to be restricted to the northern coast of South America and part of Central America.

Material examined: COLOMBIA; 1 ɗ, Bolívar, Zambrano, Hda. Monterrey 9 º 37 ' 48 "N­ 74 º 54 ' 44 "W (Malaise 6. Bosque Lata, suelo), 70 m, 29 ­I­ 1994, F. Fernández [ IAVH]; 1 Ψ, Bolívar, Zambrano, Hda. Monterrey 9 º 45 ’N­ 74 º 49 ’W (Malaise aerea 9. Bosque Lata), 10 m, 22 ­VII­ 1993, F. Fernández [ IAVH]; 1 ɗ, Guajira, Merochón, 5 Km SE Uribía, 11: 14 ­XII­ 1971, B. Malkin, leg. / at light / “ Pessoaia  sp.” Wygodzinsky det. [ FMNH]. GUYANA, 2 ΨΨ, Rio Esequibo (Source), J. Ogilvie [ AMNH]. TRINIDAD [AND TOBAGO], 1 ɗ, Arima Valley, 800­1200 ft, 10: 22 ­II­ 1964, Rozen & Wygodzinsky [ AMNH].


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