Heteragrion peregrinum Williamson, 1919

Bota-Sierra, Cornelio Andrés & Novelo-Gutiérrez, Rodolfo, 2017, The genus Heteragrion (Odonata: Zygoptera) in Northwestern Colombia, with the description of Heteragrion tatama sp. nov., Zootaxa 4347 (3), pp. 553-571 : 567

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Heteragrion peregrinum Williamson, 1919


Heteragrion peregrinum Williamson, 1919

This species, together with Palaemnema edmondi Calvert, 1931 , are the only ones found in the Magdalena Valley by the Williamsons in 1917, which have not been seen again since their expedition. The Williamsons collected 50 specimens of H. peregrinum in just one week, which shows this species used to be a common inhabitant of the Magdalena Valley streams (type locality Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 ). The fact that it has not even been registered any more, makes H. peregrinum a species of special interest, which was recently assessed as Critically Endangered in the IUCN red list ( Bota-Sierra et al. 2016). Here we present the first pictures of this species, from paratypes deposited at RWG ( Figs 3l View FIGURE 3 , 4n–o View FIGURE 4 , 8b–c View FIGURE 8 ).