Heteragrion mitratum mitratum Williamson, 1919

Bota-Sierra, Cornelio Andrés & Novelo-Gutiérrez, Rodolfo, 2017, The genus Heteragrion (Odonata: Zygoptera) in Northwestern Colombia, with the description of Heteragrion tatama sp. nov., Zootaxa 4347 (3), pp. 553-571 : 564-567

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Heteragrion mitratum mitratum Williamson, 1919


Heteragrion mitratum mitratum Williamson, 1919

Material Examined. COLOMBIA, Department of Antioquia, Maceo Municipality , 6.54411°N 74.64022°W 490m a.s.l.. GoogleMaps , 3♂♂, 22 January 2001, Leg: S. Pérez and A. Vélez. Same data but: Puerto Berrio , Estación La Cristalina , Hacienda La Guajira, 6.37009°N 74.57529°W 300m a.s.l GoogleMaps . 2♂♂ and 1♀, 4–6 September 2008, Leg: C. Bota. 1♂, San Roque Municipality, San Jose del Nus Township , 6.48750°N 74.83428°W 800m a.s.l., 7 February 2009, Leg: C. Bota GoogleMaps . 1♂ and 1♀, El Topacio Township , 6.46947°N 74.90199°W 950m a.s.l., 23 July 2013, Leg: J. Cogollo and Yenny Correa GoogleMaps . 1♂, Nariño Municipality, Puente Linda Township , 5.58411°N 75.12861°W 750m a.s.l., 26 July 2009, Leg: C. Bota GoogleMaps . 4♂♂ and 1 ♀, Remedios Municipality, La Cruz Township , 6.90888°N 74.56722°W 523m a.s.l., 23 December 2009, Leg: L. Campuzano and C. Bota GoogleMaps . 4♂♂, San Luis Municipality, La Garrucha Township, 6.00407°N 74.93902°W 397m a.s.l., 22–26 August 2011, Leg. C. Bota GoogleMaps . 3♂♂ and 1♀, San Carlos Municipality, Samana Township , 6.15000°N 74.80000°W 600m a.s.l., 27 March 2012. Leg. C. Flórez and C. Bota GoogleMaps . 4♂♂, El Carmen de Viboral Municipality, El Porvenir Township , 5.89698°N 75.17958°W 950m a.s.l., 29 November 2016, Leg: C. Bota GoogleMaps . 1♀, Caldas Department, Victoria Municipality , 5.446774°N 74.91890°W 610m a.s.l., 22 February 2010, Leg: C. Bota. VENEZUELA GoogleMaps , 1♂, Táchira State, San Felix, 350m a.s.l., 12 April 1996, Leg: Jürg DeMarmels.

Remarks. This subspecies is recorded from Colombia and Venezuela. It inhabits lowland streams with waterfalls inside forest (between 0 and 450m. a.s.l.) along the Magdalena River Valley and extends northwest to the foothills of the Cordillera de Merida in Táchira and Trujillo States ( De Marmels 2008). We found some variation on abdominal coloration with dorsum of S9 brown to black ( Fig. 7b View FIGURE 7 ). It is sympatric with H. aequatoriale and H. erythrogastrum in different localities (see information above in the biology section of these species). New localities are recorded at Antioquia and Caldas Departments ( Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 ).