Bolbapium borgmeieri Martínez, 1976

Carvalho, Edrielly Carolinne & Vaz-de-Mello, Fernando Z., 2022, A taxonomic revision of Bolbapium Boucomont, 1910 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Geotrupidae), Journal of Natural History 56 (13 - 16), pp. 769-828 : 784-785

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Bolbapium borgmeieri Martínez, 1976


Bolbapium borgmeieri Martínez, 1976

( Figures 6 View Figure 6 (b), 10(j), (k), (l), 13(a))

Bolbapium borgmeieri Martínez, 1976: 539–543 , 545–546 (original description; checklist).


Pronotum mesoanteriorly with bituberculated structure with width less than half the interocular width. Frons with tubercles adjacent to each eye; less than 5 mm ( Figure 6 View Figure 6 (b)).

Type material. The holotype is deposited at the MACN. It was possible to analyse the holotype through photographs.

Holotype. ‘ BRASIL /E° Goiaz/ Rio Verde /Zelliboralez/ Coll. Martínez //Dic: 945// ; HOLOTYPUS [red rectangular label]; Bolbapium /borgmeieri/ ♂ /sp. nov./A Martínez – DET. 76; Fichado’ (MACN-Em/924).


Body size: Length: 4.22–4.66 mm. Width: 3.38–3.73 mm. Head: Clypeal carina trituberculated, tubercles do not differ in height. Surface of canthus with almost imperceptible points. Frons presents interocular tubercles, one on each side, region between the tubercles with slope and fine score. Pronotum: Pronotum mesoanteriorly with bituberculated structure with width less than half the interocular width. Disc sides with sparse points, distributed randomly. Ventral region of the thorax: Central region of the metaventrite with a few unevenly distributed setae . Legs: second and third pair of legs with adjacent spurs. The first is smaller than the first tarsomere and the second is larger. Metatibia with a spur and a flattened spur. Male terminalia: In dorsal view, large and short parameres; at the base they are connected and at the apex they are separated ( Figure 10 View Figure 10 (j)). In lateral view only the apex of the parameres is visible ( Figure 10 View Figure 10 (l)). Sexual dimorphism: Males have a thin, almost imperceptible punctuation and the setae are absent in the clypeus; well-developed frons tubercle. Females have up to four setae in the posterior region of the clypeus and a rough and carenaded surface; underdeveloped frons tubercles. Remarks: Martínez (1976) described the species based on three individuals. The specimens were collected by H . Zellibor in Rio Verde , Goiás . The type series consists of the holotype (male), paratype (male) and allotype (female) and can be found at the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences , Buenos Aires, Argentina .

Differential diagnosis. Bolbapium borgmeieri is morphologically similar to B. boillyi sp. nov., B. caesum , B. howdeni , B. modestum , B. parcepunctatum , B. sampaioorum sp. nov., and B. santanaorum sp. nov. in not presenting the transverse carina forehead interconnecting the interocular tubercles. However, it is easily differentiated by being less than 5 mm and by the structure in the anterior region of the pronotum occupying less than half of the interocular space.

Geographical distribution. Brazil (Maranhão and Mato Grosso) .

Non-type material. 13 specimens examined.

BRAZIL: Maranhão, Mirador, Parque Est . Mirador, posto avançado do Mel , 6°43 ʹ 50”S, 44° 58 ʹ 59”W, 2 a 8 GoogleMaps .iv GoogleMaps .2015, malaise trap, F . Limeira de Oliveira & D GoogleMaps .W.A. Marques leg . (1♀ CEMT) . Without location, Porto Baton, 5 .viii .1983, J . I Lacerda leg . (1 DZUP). Without data, C2028, 5 .i .1995, V . Lijo leg . (1♀ 1♂ CEMT) . Mato Grosso, Chapada dos Parecis, 30 km N Uirapuru , 14°17”‘S, 59°15”‘W, 1–15 .xii .2001, FIT, A . Foucart leg . (2♀ CEMT); Diamantino, Vale da Solidão , 14°21 ʹ 52”S, 56°7 ʹ 23”W, 23–26 GoogleMaps .xii– i.2008 –2009, FIT, D .C GoogleMaps .T. Oliveira leg . (1♀ CEMT); Same location, 14°22 ʹ 23”S, 56°07 ʹ 25”W, 31 GoogleMaps .i – 14 GoogleMaps .ii.2009, FIT, D .C GoogleMaps .T. Oliveira leg. (1 COPL). Tangará da Serra, Campus UNEMAT/ experimental field, 14°38 ʹ 58”S, 57°25 ʹ 24”W, 14 GoogleMaps .xi GoogleMaps .2017, Light trap, R . J GoogleMaps . Silva leg . (2♀ 1♂ CEMT); Água Boa , Rancho Araguaia, 13° 56 ʹ 40”S, 52°6 ʹ 10”W, 24 GoogleMaps .xii GoogleMaps .2017, Mota & Schutz leg . (1♀ CEMT) . São Paulo, Cerqueira César , [23°2 ʹ 18”S, 49°9 ʹ 57”W], xi GoogleMaps .1996, J . Carlos leg GoogleMaps . (1♀ CEMT) .














Bolbapium borgmeieri Martínez, 1976

Carvalho, Edrielly Carolinne & Vaz-de-Mello, Fernando Z. 2022

Bolbapium borgmeieri Martínez, 1976: 539–543

Martinez A 1976: 543
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