Congomochtherus lobatus Oldroyd, 1970

Jason G. H. Londt, 2014, The Afrotropical Robber Fly Genus Congomochtherus Oldroyd, 1979 (Diptera: Asilidae: Asilinae), African Invertebrates 55 (2), pp. 333-350: 341-342

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Congomochtherus lobatus Oldroyd, 1970


Congomochtherus lobatus Oldroyd, 1970 

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Congomochtherus lobatus Oldroyd, 1970: 305  ; Londt & Tsacas 1987: 35 (figs 26-32 ♂ terminalia).

Previously recorded material:Oldroyd (1970) recorded type material as follows: 'Holotype ♂. N. NIGERIA [no precise locality]: 1.v.1912 (J. W. S. McFie) (BMNH). Paratypes. CONGO: Kalembelembe [c. 04°31'S 28°44'E c. 1170 m] Baraka [c. 04°06'S 29°05'E c. 850 m], 2♂, 5♀, vii.1918 (R. Mayné); Manyama [? = Maniema c. 03°04'S 26°02'E c. 530 m], 1♂ (R. Mayné); UELE: Aba [c. 03°52'N 30°14'E c. 900 m], 1♂, 20.iv.1914 (Dr. Rodhain); Kapiri [c. 10°18'S 26°12'E c. 1230 m], 1♀, x.1912 (Miss. Agric.); TANGAN[Y] IKA: Mpata [= Mpala c. 06°45'S 29°30'E, c. 965 m - DRC not Tanzania], 780 m, 1♂, vii-viii.1953 (H. Bomans); KATANGA: Elisabethville [= Lubumbashi c. 11°34'S 27°21'E c. 1280 m], 1♂, ii.1929 (Dr. Bequaert) (MRAC).'

Londt & Tsacas (1987) listed the following material: CAMEROON: 1♀ (paratype), Nkolbison [Yaoundé environs c. 03°52'N 11°27'E c. 705 m], 5.xi.1969, de Miré (MNHN). DR CONGO: 2♂ (paratype), Uele, Aba [c. 03°52'N 30°14'E c. 900 m; Note: Previously published coordinates are incorrect], 20.iv.1916, Rodhain (MRAC); 2♂ 5F (paratypes), Kivu. Kalembelembe [c. 04°31'S 28°44'E c. 1170 m] and Baraka [Baraka - c. 04°06'S 29°06'E, c. 850 m], vii.1918, Mayné, [? banks of Lake Tanganyika] (MRAC); 1♀ (paratype), Env. de Brazzaville [c. 04°16'S 15°17'E, 285 m], Roubaut & Weis, 1907 (MRAC); 1♂, Djoumouna [c. 04°23'S 15°10'E, c. 290 m], 4.xii.1971, Grillot (MRAC); 1♂ (paratype), Mpala [not Mpata as on label - 06°45'S 29°30'E, c. 965 m - DRC not Tanzania as cited by Oldroyd (1970)], 780 m, vii -viii.1953, Bomans (MRAC); 1♂ (paratype), North Katanga, Kanyama [not Manyama as on label - Kaniama c. 07°32'S 24°11'E, c. 890m] (MRAC); 1♀ (paratype), North Katanga, Kapiri [c. 10°18'S 26°12'E c. 1230 m], x.1912, Miss Agric (MRAC); 1♂ (paratype), Katanga, Elisabethville (= Lubumbashi c. 11°40'S 27°29'E c. 1250 m), ii.1929 Bequaert (MRAC).

Newly recorded material: UGANDA: 1♂, Bwamba [c. 0°45'N 30°01'E, c. 780 m] Forest, 10.vii.1964, Dudley (NMSA).

Distribution ( Fig. 18View Fig.18), phenology ( Table 1) and biology: The species was originally described from Nigeria (no precise locality recorded), DR Congo and Tanzania. Londt and Tsacas (1987) added Cameroon to this list while the only new record known to me is from Uganda. Specimens of this species are remarkably data deficient. Not a single specimen label has any information relating to habitat occupied. Looking at the records from the water-rich, tropical DRC provides little insight into habitat preference as all the places mentioned are near major or minor rivers and streams. Baraka is perhaps the most interesting locality as the centre is found not too far from Lake Tanganyika, giving rise to the thought that the species may be found along the banks of this and other major African lakes. The record from Cameroon features part of the fairly large centre of Yaoundé. Google Earth shows a substantial stream passing through Nkolbison and

so it is tempting to believe that the specimen came from this stream. The record from Uganda is for a forested area well supplied with water, and so again the likelihood of an association with a stream is high. It appears that the species may be associated with forest streams.














Congomochtherus lobatus Oldroyd, 1970

Jason G. H. Londt 2014

Congomochtherus lobatus

Oldroyd 1970: 305