Pachyscia Redtenbacher, 1908

Ho, George Wai-Chun, 2012, Notes on the genera Sinophasma Günther, 1940 and Pachyscia Redtenbacher, 1908 (Phasmatodea: Diapheromeridae: Necrosciinae), with the description of four new species from China, Zootaxa 3495, pp. 57-72: 67

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Pachyscia Redtenbacher, 1908


Genus Pachyscia Redtenbacher, 1908 

Type-species. Pachyscia plagiata Redtenbacher, 1908: 530  , by subsequent designation of Zompro, 2004: 316. Diagnosis. This genus is characterized by spoon-shape or duckbill-shape anal segment in male and subapically lobed metafemora in female.

Notes. A total of six species are currently recognized from this small genus. Four and two species are respectively known from China and Vietnam.