Stephanotheca fenestricella Dick & Grischenko, 2017

Yang, Ho Jin, Seo, Ji Eun & Gordon, Dennis P., 2018, Sixteen new generic records of Korean Bryozoa from southern coastal waters and Jeju Island, East China Sea: evidence of tropical affinities, Zootaxa 4422 (4), pp. 493-518: 501-503

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Stephanotheca fenestricella Dick & Grischenko, 2017


Stephanotheca fenestricella Dick & Grischenko, 2017 

(Figs 16, 17)

Stephanotheca fenestricella Dick & Grischenko, 2017: 204  , fig. 21.

Material examined. 12 colonies (NIBRIV0000805886, MBRBKW6–16), Munseom Island , Jeju, 20 m, collected by Ho Jin Yang. 

Description. Colony encrusting, multiserial, unilaminar, orange in life, up to 25 mm across. Autozooids

variably subhexagonal or subrectangular with thin raised interzooidal margins. Frontal shield evenly porous, with 68–80 pseudopores and areolar-septular pores, rising gently to median suboral avicularium. Orifice as wide as long or a little wider, with large rounded anter and moderately large rounded-V-shaped sinus flanked by prominent ridged condyles. No oral spines.

Avicularium relatively small, situated at a variable distance suborally, mostly narrowly longitudinally oriented in the midline, directed proximally or somewhat obliquely so; rostrum triangular, angled somewhat frontalwards relative to opesial portion, with thin complete crossbar, opesia bordered by well-developed smooth cryptocyst.

Ovicellate zooids with dimorphic orifice that is distinctly broader than autozooidal orifice, with proportionately broader, shallower sinus. Ooecium distinctive, comprising high, nodular-tubercular corona of secondary calcification completely surrounding flattened circular area of ectooecium with 29–34 variable pseudopores that may eventually become occluded.

Interzooidal communications via mural septular pores. Ancestrula not seen.

Measurements. ZL 272–300 (287) µm; ZW 175–219 (197) µm; OrL 50–68 (56) µm; OrW 59–83 (70) µm; AvL 30–54 (43) µm; AvW 17–26 (22) µm; OoL 150–179 (160) µm; OoW 171–203 (191) µm.

Remarks. This species was only very recently described from the East China Sea coast of Okinawa ( Dick & Grischenko 2017), in the intertidal zone at Sesoko Island. In the material from Munseom Island, avicularia could be somewhat variable in distance from the orificial sinus, placement and orientation, but length was consistent within very narrow limits.

Distribution. Japan: Okinawa. Korea: Jeju Island. Depth range 0– 20 m.














Stephanotheca fenestricella Dick & Grischenko, 2017

Yang, Ho Jin, Seo, Ji Eun & Gordon, Dennis P. 2018


Stephanotheca fenestricella

Dick & Grischenko, 2017 : 204