Eriborus pallipes ( Brullé, 1846 ), Brulle, 1846

Rousse, Pascal & Villemant, Claire, 2012, Ichneumons in Reunion Island: a catalogue of the local Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) species, including 15 new taxa and a key to species, Zootaxa 3278, pp. 1-57 : 18

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Eriborus pallipes ( Brullé, 1846 )


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Campoplex pallidipes Dalla Torre, 1901: 148 ; Campoplex pallipes Brullé, 1846: 162

Diagnosis. Species characterized by the combination of several characters: coxae 1–2 whitish, fore wing with 2Rsm distincly shorter than section of M between 2Rs-M and 2m-Cu, propodeum without longitudinal carina, ovipositor long (OTi 1.2–1.3), strongly and regularly upcurved.

Description. Rousse (2011).

Comments. Eriborus pallipes is by far the commonest ichneumonid wasp in Reunion though its biology is still unknown. It has been collected in many localities of various climatic and altidudinal conditions. The coloration of legs and metasoma is highly variable. Eriborus species have a median longitudinal row of hairs on the basitarsus, which is often hard to observe on E. pallipes , especially for individuals with dark legs.

Distribution records. Reunion.

Material examined. 1Ƥ Le Tampon / ND de la Paix, alt. 1700m, VI.2011, leg. T. Ramage; 13 Le Tampon / Bourg Murat, alt. 2100m, IV.2011, leg. T. Ramage; 1Ƥ Salazie / Trou de Fer, alt. 1400m, IV.2011, leg. T. Ramage; 1Ƥ St Pierre / Ligne Paradis, alt. 170m, III.2011, leg. Cirad; 1Ƥ same locality, XII.2010, leg. P. Rousse; 2Ƥ same locality, X.2010, leg. T. Ramage; 1Ƥ St Leu / Colimaçons, alt. 260m, III. 2011, leg. Cirad; 1Ƥ same locality, I.2011, leg. Cirad; 1Ƥ same locality, X.2010, leg. Cirad; 1Ƥ Plaine des Palmistes / Piton de Bébour, alt. 1470m, I.2011, leg. P. Rousse; 1Ƥ St Pierre / Bassin Martin, alt. 290m, leg. Cirad; 13 St Philippe / Mare Longue, XII.2010, leg. T. Ramage; 1Ƥ St Paul / Boucan Canot, alt. 70m, XII.2010, leg. Cirad; 1Ƥ 333 Trois Bassins / Forêt des Bénares, alt. 1660, XI.2011, leg. T. Ramage; 1Ƥ St Benoit / Grand Etang, alt. 510m, XI.2010, leg. T. Ramage (light trap); 13 Bras Panon / La Caroline, alt. 130m, X.2010, leg. Cirad; 13 St Paul / Tan Rouge, alt. 800m, IX.2010, leg. Cirad; 1Ƥ Cilaos / Ilet des Salazes, alt. 1500m, XII.207, leg. IDR (light trap); 1Ƥ same locality, IX.2007, leg. IDR (light trap); 1Ƥ 933 Petite Ile / Piton Bloc, alt. 800–1000m, IV.2007, leg. Cirad; 2Ƥ 533 Le Tampon / Dix Neuvième, alt. 830m, IV.2007, leg. Cirad; 1Ƥ 13 Petite Ile / Forêt de la Mare, I.2006, leg. IDR (light trap); 233 Le Tampon / Pont d’Yves, alt. 820m, III.2003, leg. P. Rousse; 233 Le Tampon / Plaine des Cafres, alt. 1200m, X.2002, leg. Cirad; 13 Cilaos / Bras Sec, alt. 1250m, VII.2002, leg. P. Rousse; 1Ƥ St Philippe / Mare Longue, alt. 350m, II.2001, leg. Cirad; 1Ƥ ( MHNSD 2785) St Denis / Plaine des Chicots, VIII.2001, leg. Parnaudeau; 1Ƥ ( MHNSD 2814) Le Tampon, IX.1962, leg. Pointel.














Eriborus pallipes ( Brullé, 1846 )

Rousse, Pascal & Villemant, Claire 2012

Campoplex pallidipes

Dalla 1901: 148
Brulle 1846: 162
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