Echthromorpha spinator ( Fabricius, 1798 ) Fabricius, 1798

Rousse, Pascal & Villemant, Claire, 2012, Ichneumons in Reunion Island: a catalogue of the local Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) species, including 15 new taxa and a key to species, Zootaxa 3278, pp. 1-57 : 47-48

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Echthromorpha spinator ( Fabricius, 1798 )

stat. nov.

Echthromorpha spinator ( Fabricius, 1798) stat. nov.

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Echthromorpha nigricans Krieger, 1909: 326 View in CoL ; Ichneumon spinator Fabricius, 1798: 224 ; Pimpla macula Brullé, 1846: 89 ; Pimpla vittata Brullé, 1846: 89

Diagnosis. Echthromorpha spinator is a dark species characterized by the apical black spots on fore wing.

Description. Seyrig (1932).

Host records. Nagia linteola ( Lepidoptera : Noctuidae ).

Comments. Most of this genus is confined to the Pacific region, but some species like E. agrestoria are widespread outside of this area. The ability of this genus to colonize small islands gives an interesting example of local differentiation, with the development of local types whom taxonomic status is discussed by Gauld (1984). Considering that “most of them” share the same basic coloration and sculptural pattern, Townes (1958) treated all these local forms as subspecies of E. agrestoria Swederus. For the E. agrestoria species group of the Malagasy subregion it appears that E. spinator forms a homogeneous group, including the former E. agrestoria macula (Brullé) of Reunion and E. agrestoria spinator (Fabricius) of Mauritius (Madl, pers. com.). This species is mostly characterized by the densely punctate mesosoma and the black spot on apex of fore wing, making it distinct from the other members of the E. agrestoria complex.

Distribution records. Reunion. Mauritius.

Material examined. 1Ƥ St Paul / Tan Rouge, alt. 800m, VI.2011; 233 St Louis / Les Makes, alt. 1200m, II.2011, leg. T. Ramage; 1Ƥ same locality, X.2007 coll. IDR (light trap); 633 St Philippe / Mare Longue, alt. 560m, X.2010, leg. T. Ramage; 233 same label data; 13 St Pierre / Bras de la Plaine, II.2005, leg. D. Martiré; 13 ( MHNSD 2797), La Possession / Cap Noir, I.2002, leg. Parnaudeau; 13 ( MHNSD 2833), Cilaos, X.1962, leg. Etienne; 13 ( MHNSD 2817), locality and date of collection unknown.














Echthromorpha spinator ( Fabricius, 1798 )

Rousse, Pascal & Villemant, Claire 2012

Echthromorpha nigricans

Krieger 1909: 326
Brulle 1846: 89
Brulle 1846: 89
Fabricius 1798: 224
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