Rousse, Pascal & Villemant, Claire, 2012, Ichneumons in Reunion Island: a catalogue of the local Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) species, including 15 new taxa and a key to species, Zootaxa 3278, pp. 1-57 : 33

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Mesochorus View in CoL View at ENA sp. 2

Diagnosis. This species mainly differs from M. cariniferus by the longer and more slender ovipositor. It is also distinctly lighter, but the single collected specimen does not allow assessment of the intra-specific variability.

Comments. This specimen could not be associated with any known species. Mesochorus is greatly diversified within the studied area (35 species in Africa and India). Moreover, the species reported in each of the islands of the Malagasy subregion are different: M. seyrigi in Madagascar and Mesochorus sp. nr. nigellus in Mauritius ( Williams 1958). We consider that this genus needs a regional revision before adding a new species.

Material examined. 1Ƥ St Pierre / Bassin Martin, alt. 290m, XII.2010, leg. Cirad.

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