Amphicnemis madelenae, Laidlaw, 1913

M. A. Lieftinck, 1940, Descriptions and records of South-East Asiatic Odonata (II), Treubia 17 (4), pp. 337-392 : 376-377

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Amphicnemis madelenae


Amphicnemis madelenae Laidlaw.

1913. Laidlaw, P. Z. S. London, p. 71 72, 74, pl. 4 fig. 6 View Fig (proth. ♂), 6 a (apps. ♂). — ♂ Sarawak.

Material studied: — 3 ♂, l ♀ (ad.), W Borneo, Singkawang , forest- marsh near Bakoean , Dec. 7, 1931 and Febr. 17, 1932, L. Coomans DE Ruiter leg., in the Buitenzorg Museum .

The following emendations are necessary to complete the original description of the male and the characters mentioned in the key.

Occiput with a yellow stripe behind the transverse carina.

Prothorax in side-view with the upper half brilliant metallic-green, the lower half pale pearly green, under surface pale yellow. Anterior lobe yellow, its free margin finely bordered with black. Lateral divisions of posterior lobe wanting, side-angles rounded in profile view.

Synthorax, as far down as half-way between humeral and first lateral suture, brilliant metallic-green. A squarish spot of the same colour occupies the upper (anterior) half of the mesinfraepisternites, succeeded posteriorly by a short yellow stripe along the mcsepimeral suture. Metallic green spot on upper part of metepisternuin roundish and almost isolated.

Coxae pale yellow; femora entirely orange, tibiae and tarsi yellow.

Pterostigmata of fore wings dark grey with pale orange margin and with the border orange-brown; those of the hinder pair (including the border) bright orange, darker in the centre. In the slightly younger male the pt of the hinder pair of wings differs but slightly in colour from those of the fore wings.

The anal appendages vary in colour from almost pure white to dirty yellowish, with pink-coloured apices.

Female (ad., allotype, androchromatic). — Differs from the ♂ only in the ground-colour of the thorax being less vividly yellow, whilst the femora are pale orange.

Spine of prothoracic hind lobe directed straight upwards, amply half as long as that of the male, being in fact about equally long as the mid-lobe of the prothorax, bronze-green in colour, its distal half dirty yellowish.

M. A. LIEFTINck: Descriptions and records of S. E. Asiatic Odonata . 377

Pterostigmata of fore wings dark greyish-brown, with narrow pale margin, their border brown; those of hinder Wings with the yellow' margin broader, especially along costal border, which itself is pale brown in colour,

Abdomen coloured as in the opposite sex, intermediate segments pale brown above, 3 - 6 with distinct basal yellow rings, interrupted mid-dorsallv Terminal segments darker brown with purplish reflections above, lacking definite pale spots.

Anal appendages orangish. Valves brown, barely surpassing apex of abdomen.

The extreme delicacy of this rare species is worth mentioning. In the shape of the anal appendages and in the colour of the pterostigma of the ♂, madelenae comes nearest to martini , from which it differs (among other characters) by the absence of a prothoracic spine in both sexes.