Tetradenia barberae (N.E.Br.) Codd

Phillipson, Peter B. & Steyn, Catherine F., 2008, Tetradenia (Lamiaceae) in Africa: new species and new combinations, Adansonia (3) 30 (1), pp. 177-196 : 181-182

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Tetradenia barberae (N.E.Br.) Codd


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Bothalia 14 (2): 178 (1983) ; Codd , Flora of Southern Africa 28: 113 (1985). — Iboza barberae N.E.Br. , in Thiselton-Dyer (ed.), Flora Capensis v. I. 302 (1910). — Type: South Africa. Orange River Colony , Barber 7 (holo-, K!).

SELECTED REPRESENTATIVE MATERIAL. — South Africa. E Cape Province, Ballinafas (Andries Vosloo Kudu Reserve) Ecca shale soil, 10.VIII.1952, Archibald 4367 ( GRA) . — Gonubie River at horseshoe bend near Slippery Drift, edge of Krantz above river, among rocks, full sun, 32°48’00”S, 27°51’00”E, 300 m, 16.IV.1999, Batten s.n. ( GRA) GoogleMaps . — Kaffirdrift , 270 m, 26.III.1966, Bayliss 3248 ( GRA, PRE) . — Andries Vosloo Kudu Reserve , 40 km NE of Grahamstown, 33°06’00”S, 26°42’00”E, 360 m, 23.VI.1981, Burdett s.n. ( GRA) GoogleMaps . — Kaffirdrift Outspan, Prudhoe, dense valley Bushveld along ridge above Fish River , 33°23’35”S, 27°01’50”E, 100 m, 12.VIII.1996, Dold 2271 ( GRA) GoogleMaps . — Kaffir Drift, Great Fish River , 100 m, 1.VII.1983, Jacot Guillarmod 1 ( GRA, K, MO, PRE) . — Andries Vosloo Kudu Reserve , 40 km NE of Grahamstown, 33°06’00”S, 26°42’00”E, 360 m, 23.I.1980, Palmer 1037 ( GRA) GoogleMaps . — Andries Vosloo Kudu Reserve , 320 m, 3.II.1983, Palmer 1071 ( GRA, K, PRE, PRU) . — Adam’s Krantz , top of S facing slope, 33°02’00”S, 26°49’10”E, 340 m, 20.XI.1993, Phillipson 4158 ( GRA, MO, PRE) GoogleMaps . — Collywobbles, cliffs above Bashee River , 31°05’59”S, 29°24’05”E, 420 m, 30.VI.1994, Phillipson 4263 ( GRA, MO) GoogleMaps . — Crossroads village between Peddie and Hamburg, 33°09’43”S, 27°17’29”E, 165 m, 19.VI.2002, Phillipson 5504 ( GRA, K, MO, P, PRE) GoogleMaps . — Kaffirdrift , III.1966, Tsuane A 1126 ( GRA, K, PRE) . — Colleywobbles, Transkei , 7.IV.1992, van Jaarsveld 13134 ( NBG, PRE) .


The range of Tetradenia barberae extends from the Fish River in the south to the Mbashe River in the north of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. This distribution range is much further south than any other species of Tetradenia , and T. barberae is the only African species to occur entirely outside of the tropics. The species appears to be restricted to a few dry, rocky south-facing valley slopes above some of the major rivers, no more than about 50 km from the coast. The plants are abundant at the few sites where this species in known to occur.

Remarkable in several ways, T. barberae is smaller and more compact than any of the other African species, and is unique in being completely hermaphrodite. The flowers and nutlets are the largest in the genus and are borne on long, largely unbranched spikes of apparently indeterminate growth. There are certain differences between the typical plants from the Mbashe River Valley and those from other localities further to the south, which may merit taxonomic recognition, but further study is required to confirm this. A full description of this species is provided by Codd (1983).


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