Edaphus variipennis, Puthz, 2014

Puthz, V., 2014, Review of the New World Edaphus MOTSCHULSKY (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) 120 th Contribution to the Knowledge of Euaesthetinae, Linzer biologische Beiträge 46 (1), pp. 799-827 : 804-805

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Edaphus variipennis


Edaphus variipennis nov.sp. (figs 20-22, 47)

T y p e m a t e r i a l: Holotype () and 2 - paratypes: VENEZUELA: Aragua, Rancho Grande Biological Station , "La Cumbre", 1450m, 10 o 21’N, 67 o 41’W, berlese leaf litter, 28.II.1995, R. Brooks #020 GoogleMaps . Paratypes: 1, 2: ibidem 26.II.1995, idem #003 GoogleMaps ; 1, 1: Rancho Grande Biol. Sta., Pico Penquitos , 1300m, 10 o 21’N, 67 o 41’W, berlese leaf litter, 27.II.1995, R. Brooks #019 GoogleMaps ; 1: ibidem, cloud forest litter, 13.V.1998, R. Anderson; 1, 3: Rancho Grande Biol. Sta. , 1550m, 10 o 21’38’’N, 67 o 41’38’’W, cloud forest litter, idem, 14.V.1998 GoogleMaps ; 3: ibidem 1250m, 10 o 21’0’’N, 67 o 41’0’’W, montane forest litter, 12.V.1998, idem GoogleMaps ; 1: ibidem, 1100m, FIT, 23.IV.- 3.V.1964, T. Philips; 1: ibidem, dung trap, 6.-9.VII.1964, idem GoogleMaps ; 1: ibidem 1350m, 10 o 21’15’’N, 67 o 41’11’’W, montane forest litter, 12.V.1998, R. Anderson; 1: ibidem, 9 km S, 900m, 19 o 22’0’’N, 67 o 41’0’’W, 26.VI.-9.VII.1984, T. Philips; 1: ibidem 1390-1420m, berlese leaf litter, 27.II.1995, R. Brooks #004.- HT and PTT in the KSEM, PTT also in cP .

D e s c r i p t i o n: Brachypterous OR macropterous (figs 21, 22), reddish brown, shiny, aside of setiferous punctures impunctate; pubescence semierect.

L e n g t h: 1.6-2.1mm (forebody: 0.9-1.1mm).

PM of the brachypterous ht and one macropterous pt: HW: 44 (53); DE: 32 (37); LE: 12 (14); LT: - (-); LG: 1 (-); PW: 50 (60); PL: 40 (45); EW: 63 (82); EL: 47 (72); SL: 36 (55).

M a l e: Sternite 8 (fig. 20). Sternite 9 acute apicomedially, no fields of ha present. SpP tubular, more than twice as long as the median lobe, vs about one sixth as long as the median lobe. Aedeagus (fig. 47), apical portion of median lobe bifid, median lobe inside with two narrow sclerites; parameres slightly longer than median lobe, without setae.

Head much narrower than pronotum, eyes large, coarsely facetted, distinct temples absent, ptfF distinct, alfF (anterior of ptfF) absent, ampF narrowly elevated, confluent with elevated impunctate alpF. Antennae long, when reflexed distinctly extending beyond the posterior margin of the pronotum, club 3-segmented, segment 9 about as long as broad, segment 10 about one fourth longer than segment 9, about as long as segment 11 (no sexual dimorphism). Pronotum much broader than long, sides slightly angulate, shallowly concavely constricted in posterior two thirds; base with 8 small bf, lbc and mbc absent. Elytra trapezoid (fig. 22) or subquadrate (fig. 21), shoulders simple. Mbct3 absent.

C o m p a r a t i v e n o t e s: This new species is very similar to E. electrinus nov.sp. It may be distinguished by impunctate alpF and the sexual characters of the male; from other resembling species as indicated in the key.

E t y m o l o g y: Because of two different shapes of elytra I name this species " variipennis " (Lat.= with different shapes of elytra).